– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last night’s DC Films: Dawn of The Justice League special was jam-packed with content. It’s been hard to keep up. Last night, we posted some of the videos they released, but I’d now like to take the opportunity to delve into what was said in those videos because I think there’s plenty to discuss. 

Accompanying each bit of info is the brand-spanking new logo that DC Films has just released for each movie.

Geoff Johns fielded many questions from Kevin Smith throughout the special, and here he offers insight into Aquaman:

“First, we got Aquaman. His name is Arthur Curry, he’s the son of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis. He starts to develop these powers. He can breathe under water. He can communicate with sea life. He’s very strong. He grows up not really feeling like he belongs in either world. So he’s a man trapped between two worlds, but has a responsibility to protect both of them.”

Actor Jason Momoa also commented on his character. Momoa reveals that Curry’s arc will be similar to Henry Cavill’s Superman, in that he’s new to all this and struggling to find the right balance. “He’s the only one that both: he’s human and he’s a god. I want to see him struggle with how he has these powers and he doesn’t know how to handle them, he hasn’t been trained,” Momoa said.

Ezra Miller will be playing The Flash in Justice League, and in a subsequent solo film. During last night’s special, Miller said, “He’s been struck by lightning, that’s the mythos. But he’s a human. He can run through walls. He can run across water. He can run so fast that he can move into another plain of frequency where there’s another reality.

Another reality, eh?

Part of this ability to travel between realities is the ability to travel time. “The thing about The Flash is, the past isn’t just a thing he can think about it. It’s an actual place he can visit,” according to Johns. 

On Cyborg, Geoff Johns said, “Victor Stone is an athlete, whose father is a scientist. Victor is in a horrible accident and it is only through his father’s talents and skills in technology that he survives. But he survives only because he’s rebuilt into a cyborg.” Johns also added, “He’s online 24/7. He doesn’t sleep. He just takes in data.

Meanwhile, Ray Fisher, the actor that portrays Cyborg, was also on-hand to chime in with this about the character’s internal struggle: “He is a technopath, which means he can just interface seamlessly with anything technological. His greatest weakness is actually trying not to succumb to the technology. Trying to stay human.”

Lots to digest and discuss here. Of the things said/revealed about the direction the films are taking with these beloved characters, which has you the most excited? And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, has anything you’ve seen/read/heard in the last 24 hours turned you off? Sound off!


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