– by Drew Carlton

The sharp eyes over at comicbook.com caught a nifty little tidbit this morning when they spotted a new job opening on the Lucasfilm Recruiting website. We always get excited when we see the “recruitment” headline, as it could mean a number of things included a much wanted live-action Star Wars series. In this case, it falls on the animated side of the Star Wars universe.

This particular post is from Lucasfilm Animation and reads, “Works closely with the Supervising Director and Episodic Directors to create expressive and entertaining storyboards for an Episodic TV series. The Storyboard Artist conveys story from script through visual storytelling techniques in a 3d environment.”


This could simply be a new job opening for Star Wars Rebels, however this is unlikely as the production team is solid, and it’s feasible they are already on season 4. As a hopeful fan, I’d like to think that this hire is for a brand new animated show, as a storyboard artist is hired fairly quickly in the process.

Thanks to The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Star Wars world is on fire right now, so it would be completely acceptable if there were two animated shows running at once.

Oh please find a way to bring her back!

Oh please find a way to bring her back!

Would you guys like to see a second show? If so, what would you like it to be about? If we could actually get a live-action show, what would you like to see?

Source: comicbook.com