– by Tim Jousma


On the latest podcast of MLW Radio, Court Bauer announced that as of February 15th, Lucha Underground, the off-shoot of the AAA wrestling promotion based out of Mexico, will debut the first two seasons of their show on Netflix. This is huge news for the company. Being on the El Rey Network doesn’t put them in many homes around the United States so to have another platform for that company to showcase their product and more importantly make some money is good for business all around.

Lucha Underground is a unique television experience. It’s not presented in the traditional way folks are used to watching a wrestling show. While there is definitely great action occurring in the ring on each episode, the shows themselves are built up like a tawdry soap opera, dealing just as much with back stage goings on as well as the product in the ring. The back stage segments seem ripped from a Robert Rodriguez film. Robert Rodriguez of course owns the El Rey Network so it makes sense his fingerprints are involved in the product.

The show definitely takes wrestling in a different direction than folks are used to. For wrestling to survive in these changing times where folks can get their entertainment pretty much wherever they want, whenever they want, it is imperative that companies find ways to keep the audience engaged. For a wrestling promotion to succeed, you have to try something different. Lucha Underground has definitely taken some risks with their product and it’s nice to see them take a major step forward in exposure with their addition to the Netflix roster. Seasons 1 and 2 of Lucha Underground will be available on February 15th.