– by Tim Jousma

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Lynda Carter talking about her career. Discussing Carter’s history with Wonder Woman, dating back to the television show from the 70’s, to her singing career, and her thoughts of the character today, Lynda had a lot of interesting things to say.

One part of the interview mentions conversations Carter had with the director of the new Wonder Woman film, Patty Jenkins.

CARTER: Over a period of quite a few months, we talked on the phone. It really was [about] why I thought my portrayal worked, why it lived, what my intentions were from the beginning about the character. We were so much on the same page of the interpretation of what embodies this character. [Wonder Woman is] not thinking she’s all that. She’s powerful, but…

She’s sensitive.

Wonder Woman is the one film DC cannot fail with. I really want this film to succeed. While the trailers have been a little iffy, there are elements which I have loved. While I’m not familiar with all of her work, I do see Gal Gadot as a good choice for the Wonder Woman character. Growing up watching re-runs of Wonder Woman, I’m glad to hear that the filmmakers put stock into what Lynda Carter had to say. There are actors who become their roles. Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker. Sean Connery is James Bond. For me, Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman. If a new film is to be made involving the character with someone else taking on the mantle, having the involvement of the original actor that helped make the character an icon is a must. Based on the reviews that LRM discussed, it appears that Warner Brothers has hit it out of the park with Wonder Woman.

So what do you think? Are you glad to hear that Lynda Carter had some involvement in the development of the new Wonder Woman film? Sound off in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly