– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Comicbook is reporting that Marvel Comics is releasing a limited edition Star Wars comic based on Mace Windu called Star Wars: Jedi Of The Republic-Mace Windu. Set during the early days of the Clone Wars, it will be written by Matt Owens and drawn by Denys Cowan.

Marvel Comics has had a heck of a tough year. With comic sales down, they’re struggling to find that one story or character thatwould resonate with audiences. With constant event stories that, despite strong sale, end up disappointing readers, and characters and stories that just doesn’t click with audiences, Marvel has been struggling to find their way in the crowded comic field.

One area they’ve been pretty successful has been with the Star Wars license. Since requiring the Star Wars license, thanks to Disney buying both Marvel and Lucasfilm, Marvel have found the right group of writers and artists to create stories that feel like they belong in the Star Wars universe.

It’s great to see them visit a character that didn’t get much of a chance to shine in the Prequel Trilogy. Samuel L. Jackson was wasted in those films, not allowed to perform to the best of his abilities. The fact they had him quiet and mellow through all three films was a waste. Samuel L. Jackson is at his best when he’s animated, yelling, scary. Hopefully they find a way to give Mace a little bit of character in the comics.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Mace Windu get his own comic? What has been your thoughts on Star Wars comics since they returned to Marvel? Would you like to see Mace Windu return to a Star Wars movie? Sound off in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Comicbook

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