– by Drew Carlton

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aired last night with an episode titled “Wake Up” and I have previously speculated that this will be about either Agent May or her LMD (Life Model Decoy) android “waking up” to their surroundings and the episode would center on this. It turns out I was right on both fronts.

The episode starts with a flashback time-lapse showing exactly how the human Agent May got herself into the dream state predicament she is currently contained in. We are then brought up to speed with the killbot AIDA trying to talk Dr. Radcliffe (the great John Hannah, my pick for the next Sinestro in the upcoming GLC fim) into simply killing May. He refuses but we are left to wonder just who is really in charge of that relationship.

We next see a few scenes and discover that May has broken off a glass shard from the lab to try an break out of her restraints after she has seemingly awoken from her medically induced slumber. We get a glimpse of Mack and Yo-Yo’s sexual relationship but are quickly brought to Fitz’s lab where Simmons questions him about the AIDA 1.0 robot head. Back to May, she appears to break out of her constraints to find a way to escape from Radcliffe’s grasps, and starts on her journey to escape.

The episode progresses and May finally gets free, only to find out that she is actually in a dream the entire time. This is the second attempt from Radcliffe and Aida to find a mental scenario to keep May occupied while her doppelganger tries to steal The Darkhold from SHIELD headquarters. This attempt eventually fails, as May keeps getting better and better each time, and finally at the end of the episode Radcliffe realizes that the only way to satiate her mental activity is to bring her back to the scenario where she got the title, “The Cavalry”.

Throughout these events Coulson and Yo-Yo attempt to break into Senator Nadeer’s office during a hearing over Quake and are unsuccessful. When caught, they are brought before Talbot who gets the two out of a mess, but further creates distrust between Coulson and Talbot.

The episode concludes when Dr. Radcliffe gets busted from Fitz’s theory and Radcliffe is taken into custody. Fitz interrogates him only to shoot him in the head when he hears a certain phrase. It turns out that this version of Radcliffe is also an LMD and the human version is under Senator Nadeer’s protection.

One must wonder, who else is an LMD? Could Coulson be a robot? Perhaps Tank, Fitz, or Simmons is and none if them know if they are or not. This would fall into typical LMD storytelling by the Marvel comic world and we will likely now have to wait until the end of the season to find out about some other hidden LMD.

I thought this episode was slightly better than last weeks, but what do YOU think? Rank these: Gotham, Flash, Agents, and Supergirl — the comic shows we have seen return from midseason break, which are the best and worst?