– by Tim Jousma


Monday Night Raw is in the books for another week and what an eventful show it was. The buildup for the Royal Rumble is in full swing and on this episode, we saw some developments that should make that Pay Per View interesting to say the least.

The biggest news is the fact that The Undertaker made his return to Raw and announced he would be in the Royal Rumble match. This marks his return to the Rumble match after an eight year absence. With the Royal Rumble itself being such a disappointment the past three years, it is great to see the WWE throw some big names into the match. I know one frustration I’ve had the past couple years was due to the outcome of the Rumble being telegraphed well before the show actually happened, it took the suspense of the match and tossed it out the window.

Overall, a number of noteworthy events happened on the show tonight. Yet the three hour run time made the show a little tedious to watch. I know the show won’t go back to the two hour run time anytime soon but the WWE needs to find a way creatively to make those three hours more interesting to watch. Too much of a good thing will turn your fans away. While the WWE is financially benefitting from a three hour Raw, the quality of the show is being damaged over the long run and the ratings show that fans are just not into the show as they once were. Something needs to change. As to what that change will be, time will tell.