– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Oh, boy.

As if all of the murmurs coming out of Sony’s Spider-Man department haven’t been disconcerting enough, now we can add a new one to the mix: Word on the street is that the folks behind the Amazing Spider-Man films are looking for a way to bring back Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Why? Well, probably because her scenes with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker have been the best parts of both movies so far.

You likely all ready know that Spidey is in a bit of a jam over at Sony Pictures. They had all these lofty plans for old webhead, which involved using his entire cast of characters to create a whole mini cinematic universe for the makers of Playstation. Prior to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony announced a slate of flicks that included direct sequels and spinoffs. Then the film came out, frustrated fans and critics alike, and- despite it making considerable bank- Sony began backpedaling on their goals. Of all the big plans, the only one that seems to be proceeding at this point is a Sinister Six villain spinoff/team-up.

In recent weeks we’ve heard all kinds of stuff. From an all-female Spidey team flick, to the character getting written into Marvel prime’s films, to Miles Morales stepping in. Now this, with Gwen Stacy. It comes from Christian Today, but I find it a tad unclear. Yes, they want Emma Stone back as Gwen Stacy. But does that mean they’ll go the comic book route and bring her back as clone? Or, perhaps, as part of Peter’s mourning process as he matures as a hero, will she appear in several key flashbacks? Or maybe they want to go the Dexter route (remember his Ghost Dad?) and have her appear as a voice in his head?

While all that remains unclear, what’s pretty easy to see is that Sony is very mixed-up right now. How this all pans out is anyone’s guess. I think the only “win” would come from Sony and Marvel working out a deal that sees Garfield’s Spider-Man enter the Avengers universe, starting with the Civil War storyline.

We shall see.

SOURCE: Christian Today

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