– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ok, so every once in a while someone makes a viral video that we feel the need to share with you. Usually it’s something like a well-edited clip that makes it seem like parts from multiple movies are combined in some sort of mash-up in a “What if?” fashion. This time around, though, the good folks Pistol Shrimps have simply outdone themselves. They took footage from the upcoming live-action Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson, and combined it footage from the Harry Potter franchise, and the results are pretty damn epic.

Ladies and Gents, I give you…

Beauty and Lord Voldemort

Who could ever learn to love a real beast like Voldemort?
A mashup of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Harry Potter’, with Voldemort as the beast, and Belle is a witch. Gaston is, of course, a brave and proud Gryffindor.

There is so much WIN here. Not even accounting for the fact that Watson first rose to fame playing Hermione in the aforementioned Harry Potter franchise, it’s pretty clear that the folks who made this video are amazing at what they do. They didn’t merely cleverly edit footage; They took the time to actually place these characters into each other’s films.

Hats off to Pistol Shrimps! Great job, guys.

SOURCE: Pistol Shrimps

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