– by Drew Carlton

A new character will debut in Flashepisode 13 and will stick around at least until episode 14, that being the good intentioned leader of Gorilla City (The home of the sentient Apes in the comics, and apparently the CW show Flash), another ape, Solovar. If your left hand is evil, you hold Grodd, and if your right hand has good intentions then you cradle Solovar. This ape has been around the comics for a long time, and while he has had evil tendencies at times, Solovar is typically the logically thinking leader controlling Gorilla City.

Today, we learn that Solovar will join us, and I for one being an Apetivist am happy to learn that not all Gorillas will be evil in the show. Or so we are led to believe. For all we know, Solovar could be highly irritated that Barry threw Grodd into their world, disrupting their ape-lives and Solovar now seeks revenge.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed (via TVLine) that one of the episodes will take place on Earth-2 and another will occur on Earth-1. This, in of itself, is awesome as most of the Earth-2 episodes have been enthralling and always leave us with questions about the future of both Earth-2 and The Flash.

Keith David will voice Solovar, and this guy has been all over Hollywood since Platoon. Once you look him up, you will realize who he is and just how many movies and TV shows he has touched. I remember him mostly from a 1990 movie entitled Men At Work, with the brothers Emilio Esteves and Charlie Sheen, but he has also voiced characters on the animated shows Gargoyles, Spawn, and Justice League. He has a unique voice, and I think it will be a perfect fit for Solovar.

Do you remember Solovar? Are you excited to get another live-action ape in Flash? Hit us up.

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Source: TVLine