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I’m sure just reading the title of this article may have given you a bit of a gut reaction. For some, it may have been a positive one, but for a good many of you, I’m sure the response was negative. Acting is an art form all about making decisions, and for better or worse, Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime in last year’s Suicide Squad was one full of plenty of bold ones.

More than any other live-action portrayal, Leto’s Joker was a wholly unpredictable entity. Even with Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning interpretation in The Dark Knight you can see an underlying logic beneath his actions. Sure, you may not understand them, but you get the impression that all his anger, hate,and chaos-focused persona is coming from somewhere. With Leto’s version, I got the impression he was too doped up on some hard substance to really even have motives apart from the most base of carnal instincts.

Ever since Suicide Squad hit theaters, rumors among fandom have spread regarding Leto’s involvement. We know for a fact that a good chunk of his scenes were cut from the final version of the movie, and Leto has seemingly made some rather crude comments towards the studio following that revelation — though the line has never definitively been drawn between the two. From there, fans inferred that there’d be a chance that Leto could be replaced for the remainder of the DC Extended Universe. After all, from what we know, the Joker hasn’t really been announced for any of the upcoming movies, so what better time to replace him if you’re going to do it, right?

Well, for those excited to see Leto leave the DCEU, you may need to pump the breaks. According to CBM, Jared Leto posted the following images on his Snapchat.

The first image is a definite gimme. Comic fines will recognize the image from the iconic Killing Joke comic, which saw the Joker kidnap, shoot, and paralyze Barbara Gordon. If you’ll recall, Leto even replicated the image acouple years back when teasing his role in Suicide Squad.

The second image is that of a freakin’ blinged-out tooth. If you’ll recall, the Joker has a few teeth missing and replaced — a result of his run-ins with Batman, according to director David Ayer (and his missing choppers are also why the Joker covered his smile in the photo at the top of the article). 

So what do these images mean? One theory is: nothing. Jared Leto was messing around and posted them, knowing full well it would cause a ruckus. Theory two is that he’s teasing his involvement in an upcoming DCEU flick — one that may pull some inspiration from The Killing Joke (then again, Leto recreated the image in the past, and Suicide Squad had none of those elements in it). Theory three is that he’s teasing his involvement: the first image was to imply it has to do with the Joker, and the second image was to drive the point home.

Of course, it’s not like the actor will come out and say which of these, if any, were correct, but it’s all pretty interesting, to say the least. 

What do you think of these images? Do you think this is teasing a future appearance of the Joker, and if so, does that make you happy or sad? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Jared Leto (via CBM)

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