– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If you weren’t already confused about the new direction of the “Prometheus” franchise, don’t worry, Ridley Scott’s got your back.

After expecting some clean connections to the “Alien” franchise, many fans were underwhelmed by the end result that was “Prometheus.” Now in a recent interview, Scott revealed the fact that “Prometheus” is set to have a few sequels down the line, and that the first one will likely have no “Alien” connections.

Well, now it looks like the man has already changed his mind. While promoting “The Martian,” Scott was asked by the outlet HeyUGuys for a confirmation that “Prometheus” will indeed have multiple sequels, and if we can expect more “Alien” connections. What they got instead was a head-scratching response.

“Well actually, really it’s going to be called ‘Alien: Paradise Lost.’ So ‘Prometheus 2’ is not really what it’s gonna be, it’s going to be ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’ now.”

Ridley Scott’s reveal is met with a slightly hilarious confused silence from the interviewer, and as if not realizing which part of his statement is confusing the interviewer, Scott continues.

“So, you know the poem–I doubt you’ve ever been through it, have you? The poem is a book, ‘Paradise Lost.’ It sounds intellectual, but there’s a similarity to it, and that’s where it stops.”

John Milton's "Paradise Lost"

John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

The poem Scott is referring to is the John Milton tome written way back in the 1600s that chronicles the fall of Lucifer and the temptation of Adam and Eve. Given how the original film “Prometheus” seems to have alluded to the idea of the Engineers being responsible for the birth of humanity, it does seem like a natural progression, but let’s talk about the elephant in the room here…

“Prometheus 2” is now an “Alien” film?!

It was only about six months back that Neil Blomkamp was touting his involvement in “Alien 5,” and he even went so far as to change the title so that it didn’t butt heads with Scott’s planned “Prometheus 2.” Is there no longer an “Alien 5” in the works, or have the projects somehow combined? Is Blomkamp involved at all at this point?

And then there’s the most baffling point of all…how is it that Scott can go from saying that the next “Prometheus” will likely be more “Alien” connections in a couple movies a few days back, to, “oh, this next ‘Prometheus’ is an ‘Alien’ film?”

I suppose we can continue on with our “Prometheus” heroes in this one, and while it’ll have the “Alien” branding, it’ll have little to no connections to the older franchise until much later. It’s not impossible, I suppose, but it is confusing.

While I feel like news like this should irk and concern me, I can’t help but feel happy about all this. All this talk makes me feel like Scott is truly invested in sticking to science fiction for a while, and I’m okay with that, as I feel like that’s where the director truly shines.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section! Also, check out the short clip from the interview below.

UPDATE: Ridley Scott gave an update as to why it’s called ‘Alien’ and not ‘Prometheus’


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