– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I know, most people reading this are probably thinking I am crazy, but below are my top 5 reasons that Arrow will be the best CW Superhero show to watch this season:

Reason 5: It can’t get any worse.

I have always been an advocate for Arrow and have stayed by its side over the years.  Ihave always tried to find the good, but the Season 4 finale was…not good…for lack of a better term.  I knew the season was by far the worst, but tried to focus on any positives.  Then came the “final battle”.  There was Damien Darhk, trained by the League of Assassins and even gave Ra’s al Ghul competition versus Green Arrow, trained through various methods, most notably by Slade Wilson and molded by Amanda Waller, yet their final meeting of actual fighting barely lasted 5 minutes…

The choreography was slow, much like the plot for a majority of the season, and if there was any hope that Darhk’s demise would be a high point, it was anything but.  
Most season finale’s end with a cliffhanger, or some aspect that makes the viewers want to come back, but the team parting ways was actually what many people had been hoping for.  With Laurel’s death occurring in a previous episode, the final didn’t leave me anxious and wishing for one more episode.

Between the lacking final, and Flashpoint, Arrow knows that it has to be better and now has a chance to completely revamp their direction, which they must realize they need to do when they view their ratings.

Reason 4:  The Introduction of Flashpoint.

Introducing Flashpoint gives the creators of Arrow that much needed revamping.  Even though Flashpoint will not last the entire season of Flash, there could still be minor changes which will help the plot and forget about some aspects of the past two seasons.

While I feel this will be a positive move for Arrow, I am not as sure about Flash.  It has been stated that Flashpoint will not last the entire season, maybe not even the entire first part of the season.  This is such a unique story line with numerous ways to take the show.  Only having the story arc for a couple episodes seems to be rushing the story.  Parts of Season 2 seemed too similar to Season 1.  Flash will have to be careful not to do the same with the second part of Season 3, otherwise Flash has the possibility of becoming predictable and unoriginal.  (Note:  Flash is still by far my favorite CW show to this point).

Reason 3:  The “Honeymoon Stage” is over.

The “Honeymoon Stage” is when the newness of a show helps add to the appeal.  I feel this stage usually wears off after season 2 in a series.  After the second season of a series, expectations become higher, and story lines can be somewhat difficult to come by.  By this time most characters are established, so the intrigue of learning more about these characters tend to be gone, and focus shifts to the plot.  Take for instance, Arrow: Season 2; by the end of the season Oliver had made it off the island.  We knew he still had other places to go, but the intrigue of the flashbacks to the island were done (this doesn’t include his return this past season, which wasn’t interesting due to all the magic).

Flash will be in Season 3, and have the unique Flashpoint story line, although it won’t take the entire season (which I hope they do the story line justice and don’t merely rush through it). Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl will be in their second seasons, which still provides them with the newness / “Honeymoon Stage” aspect.

While this is a pivotal year for Flash, Arrow has already been there and realize the mistakes that were made. Hopefully they have learned from this and will make the necessary changes in order to bring back the success of Seasons 1 and 2.

Reason 2:  DC TV and Movies sharing characters.

The downfall of Arrow began to occur with DC’s initial rule of not allowing certain characters to be portrayed in both movies and TV shows.  The character of Flash was the obvious exception to the rule as the Flash TV show had helped DC’s rise in the TV world.  The issue was with othercharacters.  After Season 2 of Arrow, The Suicide Squad was beginning to take steam and DC had TV shows pulling certain characters in order for average viewers to not be confused as it was not a shared universe.  Some of the more well-known characters to be cut from Arrow were: Deathstroke, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Task Force X, and Amanda Waller to name a few.  These characters were some of the highlights of the episodes / seasons they were in and also made for the better story arcs of the series.  Deathstroke and Captain Boomerang were both being held captive on Lian Yu; how great would it have been to see these two come together and somehow go after the Green Arrow?

DC has begun to change this policy, especially with the incorporation of Clark Kent / Superman in Season 2 of Supergirl.  With this change, Arrow could bring back interesting, established villains rather than trying to create new, or use lesser known, characters.   (I’d love to at least see an appearance from Manu Bennett as Deathstroke).  

Reason 1: This is a make-or-break season.

If you asked me after Arrow: Season 2, I would have said Arrow could continue on for 8-10 seasons.  If Arrow: Season 5 follows suit of Seasons 3 and 4, this could very well be the end of the series.  If Arrow takes the show back to its roots, and brings the fans back, it could continue for another couple seasons.  This is truly a crucial time for Arrow, and I think the creators know this.  With this season possibly being a make-or-break season, the writers will step it up, making the needed changes which will make the show
much better than the past two seasons. 

Extra – Felicity is supposed to have a new boyfriend.  Good.  Keep Olicity apart!

What do you think?  Does Arrow have a chance?  Will it be better than last season?  Will it be able to continue, or is it too little too late? Did I leave anything out?  Feel free to leave your comments in the usual spot.  Thanks for reading!

Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.