– by Drew Carlton

A new script is in development from DC and Warner Brothers for the feature film Green Lantern Corps. We know that the recent Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, failed miserably. But, this time around we may have the creative talent to at least create a good script. The upcoming film is being written by David Goyer (all Christopher Nolan Batman movies, Jumper, Blade, Man of Steel, and he is working on TV shows The Sandman and Krypton) and Justin Rhodes (Grassroots, Contract Killers — side note he was born in my home town and we are two years apart). Goyer is also producing alongside Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, and I think we all hope that Johns will usher in a new age of legit DC films.

The new focus of this movie will center around both Hal Jordan and John Stewart (hell yes), and has been described as “Lethal Weapon in Space”. The story was brought to life in a collaborative effort from Goyer and Johns, and I have high hopes for a great film.    

At this time, no actors have been announced and it is unclear if Ryan Reynolds will give Jordan another shot, but judging by Reynold’s desire of creative control, I can’t see him trying to butt heads with Johns and coming out on top. At least we can speculate on who would be a good fit to play John Stewart, and here are my top 3 picks:


Bokeem Woodbine

Great actor that I first remember from an episode of Sopranos who really showed his acting chops after playing Mike Milligan in the TV adaptation of Fargo.

John David Washington

Denzel’s son. He played college football, and you may remember him as the eccentric wide receiver Ricky Jerret in the show Ballers. That is about all he has ever done, but he played the role wonderfully (provided he wasn’t playing himself) and this could be his breakout role.

Corey Hawkins

This may be my favorite pick. He played Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton, he is staring in the 24 reboot (24: Legacy), he will be in Kong: Skull Island, and you may know him best as Heath in The Walking Dead. Perfect fit for this role.

So what do you guys think? Will Goyer’s script be as good as his The Dark Knight, or terrible like BvS: Dawn Of Justice? Who do you think would be a good John Stewart?

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Source: Deadline