– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The relationship between fans and the upcoming Power Rangers reboot can best be described as “Love/Hate.” It certainly seems like a lot of people want to be thrilled and excited about the movie, as any bit of news regarding the Dean Israelite film tends to start up an instant conversation around the web. And yet when it comes to practically every visual reveal from the production, those same fans are given something to groan about.

That’s likely to continue today.

A few days ago, I shared with you a couple of pictures of the Goldar toys, since licensed action figures tend to give us our first real looks atunseen characters in blockbuster films. Today, I’ve got a ton of pictures of the Zords from Power Rangers for you and, if you look closely, you’ll even spot a couple of Putties!

Take a gander at these Power Rangers toys:

I’m trying to remain optimistic that these things will look better in the movie itself, but that gets harder and harder with everything I see. How about you?

I know we’re all excited about the plot for this new Power Rangers, and the recent revelations about The Green Ranger, but is anyone else having a hard time keeping their level of anticipation high?


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