Prison Break — Predictions For Michael Scofield’s Escape Plan

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

At the conclusion of Episode 2, “Kaniel Outis”, fans were left with more questions than answers.  The first half of the episode was a bit slow, but the wheels began to turn as the story progressed.  As we all could have guessed, Michael wants to help others in the prison break out.  What we did not expect is that he would also be trying to break out the ISIL leader, Abu Ramal.  Continue reading for my predictions for Michael’s overarching plan, and his reasoning:

1. Michael was Placed in Ogygia on Purpose: Much like the premise for Season 3 when The Company had Micahel placed in Sona, I feel the same is being done here.  During the third season, Michael was placed in Sona in order to break out James Whistler, because he had a map that would lead to Scylla.  Michael could have been placed in Ogygia in order to break out the ISIL leader, which leads me to…

2. Michael is Trying to Break Out the ISIL Leader: Yes, this seems obvious by the end of Episode 2, but I don’t think his reasoning is as simple.  The interesting part is who would be behind this plan.  I honestly do not feel Michael would willingly leave his family in order to go to Yemen and break you an ISIL leader, so someone (or some group) must be holding leverage over him, much like The Company did for four seasons.  This is something that had to have been known by Michael near the end of the events in Season 4.  The suit he was buried in was already a clue as the brand is his new alias, Kaniel Outis.  Michael would seemingly know before his “death” of his new mission which would lead to Yemen.  

3. The Person Behind the Plan Is…:  Here is where I’m still foggy.  I feel that this will go one of two ways. 1. Kellerman and the U.S. Government are behind this in order to bring down ISIL leader, Abu Ramal.  Even though he is in Ogygia, it is on the brink of being taken over, so Abu Ramal could easily be freed. Maybe they wrote some type of clause in Michael’s paperwork at the end of Season 4 that set him “free” which stated they would let everyone else walk, only if they could use him for something else.  Since when were we ever truly able to trust Paul Kellerman?  He seemed to turn face at the end of Season 4, but as anyone who follows the series can tell you, that means absolutely nothing.  Kellerman could have easily given Micahel an ultimatum knowing he would take it in order to set his loved ones free.  Now that Linc and Sara know about Michael, he could have been trying to play damage control with Sara during last night’s episode.  Also, they would need a justifiable reason to get Michael into a Yemen prison. 2. There is a larger group in charge (maybe a reformed Company?) trying to break out Abu Ramal who also is holding leverage over Michael.  This may be why the couple tried to kill Lincand Sara in Episode 1, in order to keep their plans a secret.  They could be working for a larger group that has terrorist connections.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

4. Michael is Erasing His Name on Purpose:  Michael is erasing his name so that ISIL doesn’t find out that he is a guy who has broken out of numerous prisons.  If they found that out, then wouldn’t he probably be executed rather than being put into yet another prison?  I feel that Michael is doing it in order to cover all tracks before his mission in Yemen.  

5. Michael Wants to Break Out His Cellmates: This one is also obvious, but it is his reasoning I want to focus on. Even though this isn’t Michael’s primary goal, he wants to break his cellmates out, which is the indicator that Michael is the same person we all know and love.  The end of Episodes 1 and 2 have definitely made it appear that Michael is either brainwashed, or a deadbeat, but the subtle interactions with his cellmates may indicate otherwise.  Michael has always put others before himself, which is still the case.  They are making it seem as if he is using them to get out, but I feel like this is different than the way the group from Fox River escaped.  It is not clear as to why all of his cellmates are in Ogygia, but we do have a few ideas. We know Sid was given 20 years for homosexuality, and it appears Ja was probably given time for being an addict.  In Michael’s sympathetic nature, he knows that Sid has clearly done nothing wrong to be imprisoned, and Ja needs help (much like Mahone).  He wants his cellmates out of the prison because he knows that they will die if they stay.

6. Michael is in Control: It may not seem like it, but Michael has completely thought out this plan.  He has had leverage used against him before, and still prospered.  I feel that he will break Abu Ramal out of Ogygia and deliver him right into the hands of the Government.  We have seen him in similar types of situations before such as all of his interactions with T-Bag, when he befriended Lecharo in Season 3, and when he tried to get his mother to walk into one of his traps.  Whatever is happening, Michael has it thought out, and has contingency plans.

What I Still Can’t Figure Out: How long has Michael been in Ogygia?  Where has he been, and what has he been doing for the past seven years leading up to his imprisonment? Why is Michael reaching now instead of any other time in the past seven years?  Is the government behind this, or is it someone else? If so, who?  Who are the people trying to kill Linc and Sara?

What are your thoughts?  Is Michael behind all of this?  Is someone forcing him to do this, or is he willingly accepting the mission?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

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