– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I’m sure by now that many of you have seen the leaked Deadpool trailer from San Diego Comic-Con. It was shot on a cellphone, is quite grainy, and the angle isn’t so hot but still…it. was. AWESOME! Anyway, with the strong reaction it garnered and the general excitement in the fanboy community over this project, many have wondered when we’d get the real thing. Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, took to twitter to reveal exactly when an official teaser will be available for our viewing pleasure.

Three weeks is all we’ll have to wait to lay our eyes on our chimichanga-devouring hero in an official capacity. Something to keep in mind, though, is it’s likely going to be a far simpler affair than the rather comprehensive 3+ minute Comic-Con trailer. Since this will be the first footage released for the general public, it’ll probably be more in the 1-1:30 range and be more of a teaser, with an actual trailer likely to drop in the fall.

Still, if you’re a Deadpool fan, it’s a good time to be alive. I was sold the second they made fun of Green Lantern in the Comic-Con trailer. This is definitely going to be my kind of movie.

Also, just for fun, Reynolds posted this picture of himself and Channing Tatum, who’s playing Gambit within the same X-Men Cinematic Universe that Deadpool is set in:

Deadpool is set bring its brand of subversive fun into theaters on February 12, 2016.

SOURCE: Twitter

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