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Disclaimer: Rogue One Spoilers, Take Heed!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, directed by Gareth Edwards, was the first standalone film in the franchise that got away from the “Skywalker” storyline, and it was met with mostly positive reviews, and despite its flaws, it did have some very compelling characters — at least until they all perished at the end of the movie.However, you may have not noticed, but the true hero of the entire film was Gareth Edwards playing a cameo as a Rebel Fighter! In a Reddit AMA he was asked about this.

“I’m very bias… But my cameo would be my favorite… I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say he was probably the savior of the entire rebellion ;).”

In the final scenes of the film, Darth Vader strolls in and goes full Darkside on the Rebel Alliance, in probably the most badarse sequence we have ever seen him in. To me, this was the best scene of the movie, and Edwards was able to sneak in playing a key role.

As Leia is making her way towards her ship, The Tantive IV, a cry of “LAAAUUUNNNCCCHHHHH” comes out of nowhere, and once she is aboard the vessel, a Rebel Soldier pulls the lever, detaching the ship so she can make a getaway. This soldier was none other than Edwards himself. Without this action, we may have never had A New Hope, or 40 years of Star Wars fun. Of course, had Vader captured her there, it may have saved her home planet from destruction, but hey, that is neither here nor there. This could also explain just why Vader was so angry in the opening scene of Episode IV.

Edwards also confirmed that there was indeed an original opening scroll intended for  the movie, which we reported on back in January.

“We knew from the start that John Williams would not be available for our film… The opening crawl decision was made before we started filming. Gary Whitta actualy [sic] wrote one in the first draft. You’ll have to pester him for it 😉 …I do believe that those opening crawl words are actually floating out there in space somewhere. We just have to fund NASA well enough so their deep-space telescopes can find them, lets crowd fund it and make it happen.”

Well, let’s get that funded, because I would love to read what it was going to say!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is available on Digital HD March 24 and Blu-ray April 4

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Source: Reddit AMA

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