– by Joseph Jammer Medina

JoBlo has just published a scoop that should be of interest to fans of the TRANSFORMERS franchise. They claim to have gotten their hands on some exclusive story details for TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, and some of what they’ve uncovered is pretty darn interesting. 

Before proceeding, be aware…possible *SPOILERS* lie ahead!

Here’s a rundown of what they found out about TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT:

  • Optimus Prime will be front and center, though Bumblebee, Hound, Crosshairs, and Drift will all be back as well
  • Bumblebee will be more of a leader this time, as some of the plot revolves around Optimus Prime being off-planet on a solo mission
  • His mission brings him to his home planet, Cybertron, which is essentially dead
  • He finds out that he was indirectly responsible for killing it
  • He figures out that he can restore Cybertron to life if he had access to a particular artifact
  • That artifact is…you guessed it…on earth
  • The artifact has ties to Merlin, the mythical, legendary wizard from the tales of King Arthur!
  • Merlin was given the gift of magic by a Transformer during one of their visits to earth
  • JoBlo speculates the artifact could have something to do with King Arthur’s iconic sword: Excaliber
  • Great Britain will factor in a big way in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, which is likely why Sir Anthony Hopkins was brought on board- possibly voice an English transformer like The Creator, Cogman, or Squeaks
  • Cogman will be an Aston Martin, while Squeaks will be a Vespa
  • The Creator will have ties to the very origins of the Transformers as we know them
  • The film’s central villain will be Megatron, who will be back in all his glory, and will have an alternate mode that turns him into a jet fighter.

Some of this sounds pretty far out, but it definitely seems like the team behind TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT wants to take fans to new and interesting places.

What do you think?

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT comes out on June 23, 2017 (My birthday! My gift to myself will be…not seeing this!)


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