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The three titles above have gone through the rumor mill since long before we signed onto AOL and heard “You’ve Got Mail” and the internet became the place for geeks to discuss their favorite movies.  GHOSTBUSTERS 3 almost happened, but never did. BEETLEJUICE 2 almost happened, but didn’t. BILL AND TED 3 is in that unique spot where it could happen, because the logistical hurdle of getting the core team on board has already been completed, but will only happen once all the stars align- i.e. script, funding, etc. 

As we now know, GHOSTBUSTERS 3 will never happen now, as the property has been rebooted. But what about BEETLEJUICE 2? Will it get the reboot treatment? Will it get a true sequel? Does anyone involved even want to make it? Well, it sounds like BEETLEJUICE 2 falls somewhere between those other two properties. Similar to GHOSTBUSTERS 3, it isn’t happening. But similar to BILL AND TED 3, it actually could.

So Beetlejuice, fittingly, is in purgatory. 

The reason I say it could happen, is that- similar to B&T 3, the originators would totally come back. Tim Burton has said he would do it. Michael Keaton has said he would do it. Winona Ryder has said she would do it. And, depending on who you ask, the film was said to officially be in development earlier this year. Burton, however, squashed that rumor shortly after it hit the net.

Here’s what Burton told Collider last month:

“This is the thing, it’s something that I’m interested in, but there’s so many stories [online], dumping Michael Keaton for Johnny Depp and this or that, and I’ve talked to these people and they didn’t wanna hear this so they just made up a story. But the fact of it is I have talked to Michael and I have talked to Winona, I’ve talked to a few people. It’s something that I really would like to do in the right circumstances, but it’s one of those films where it has to be right. It’s not a kind of a movie that cries out [for a sequel], it’s not the Beetlejuice trilogy. So it’s something that if the elements are right—because I do love the character and Michael’s amazing as that character, so yeah we’ll see. But there’s nothing concrete yet.”

Now Ryder is out and about, promoting STRANGER THINGS, and here are her latest comments on BEETLEJUICE 2:

“I don’t really know what’s going on with that. Obviously, it was an iconic film. The only way it could really ever be done is with Tim [Burton] and Michael[Keaton]. I don’t know. There’s something that really resonates with all ages, with that film. It’s interesting. I think it would be great if it happened, if it was the right circumstances. Gosh, you know you’re getting older when they’re making TV shows, sequels or plays for things that you did. It’s very flattering and very humbling, indeed.”

So the film is still basically in some sort of holding pattern. As Burton said, the first one wasn’t a movie that screamed for a sequel, and it’s likely that we won’t get a BEETLEJUICE 2 until Burton, Keaton, and Ryder see a script that blows the doors off of the place. If that ever even happens.

We’re basically at one “Beetlejuice.” A great script would be a secondBeetlejuice.” That would set the stage for the third (and final!)….”Bee-

Nah, I won’t say it. Don’t wanna jinx it.

SOURCE: Collider

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