– by Tim Jousma


On the latest episode of Meet The Movie Press, reporter Simon Thompson reveals that Samuel L. Jackson is interested in having a role in John Wick 3. According to Simon, “He absolutely loves the John Wick movies. He wants in. He doesn’t want in, he wants in with a capital IN. Seriously, I think he will do whatever he needs to do in order to get in on John Wick 3.”

The John Wick series harkens back to an age of low to mid budget actions movies that Hollywood used to make. When the first movie came out, I initially had no interest in seeing it simply because I hadn’t heard much about the movie. Once I did check it out, my mind was blown. It was a simple, low key action movie that was just as intense, if not more so, than movies that some studios throw millions of dollars at. 

The problem with the success of movies like this comes with increased expectations from audiences as well as the Hollywood habit of adding on more big name stars just to add big name stars, increasing the budget which guarantees more involvement from the studio. Movies like John Wick and Deadpool were successful due to the studios involved being more hands off since there was not as much financially invested in these movies compared to others on their film slate. With bigger budgets, studios are going to be more focused on making sure they make their money back so decisions will be made that will turn those films into more standard Hollywood vehicles than the originals.

The Samuel L. Jackson casting rumor is definitely interesting. Jackson has a wonderful resume in a wide variety of films so there is no doubt that if this turns out to be true, he would be an amazing addition to John Wick 3. While this is fantasy casting at this point, I have no doubt he is interested in being a part of John Wick 3 and would definitely be a wonderful addition to that cast. Until we have more concrete news, this is pure speculation.


What do you think? Do you think Samuel L. Jackson would be a good addition to a third John Wick movie? Will the quality of the series decline the more money the series makes at the box office? Let us know in the comments below. 

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SOURCE: Meet The Movie Press