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Last weekend saw the success of the latest brain child of writer/actor Seth Rogen, SAUSAGE PARTY. Not only did the film click with the majority of critics (it’s currently sitting at 82% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it managed to snag a healthy $33 million at the box office on its opening weekend, almost doubling its meager budget of $19 million. Needless to say, the studio behind the film is quite happy with the performance of the flick, and SAUSAGE PARTY could potentially even pave the way for future adult animated films.

“We have ideas for other R-rated animated movies that have nothing to do with SAUSAGE PARTY, and we’re hoping this goes well so we get to make them,” Rogen told Fandango. “And hopefully it won’t take this long to make the next one because it won’t take five years to convince someone to make it. The whole problem before was there was no precedent for it, so hopefully [SAUSAGE PARTY] will show people that this is a viable thing to do… or it’ll do the opposite and this will be the last R-rated animated movie that ever gets made!”

But what about a SAUSAGE PARTY sequel? Is there a chance viewers will get one of those? Considering the box office performance, it may be in the cards. What’s more, it sounds like Rogen and company have actually changed the ending of the film in order to make room for a said potential sequel.

If you won’t want to be spoiled for the ORIGINAL ENDING FOR SAUSGE PARTY, as well as potential ideas for the sequel, then you may want to stop reading now.






In the original ending to the film, which aired at this year’s SXSW film festival, the characters walk through a magical portal and meet their live-action counterparts. This is very much an ending that bears a striking resemblance to THE LEGO MOVIE, but that wasn’t the reason it was cut.

Here’s what Seth Rogen had to say:

“[A sequel is something] we talk about, yeah. That’s one of the reasons why we took away the [original] ending because we thought, well, if that was the first scene of the next movie it’s probably not what you would want it to be, with them just seeing us and finding us basically. But the idea of a live-action/animated movie, like a WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?-style hybrid is also very exciting, mostly because WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is one of my favorite movies of all time.”

Sounds like it could be interesting. What do you think? Do you like the idea of a SAUSAGE PARTY sequel being done as a live-action/animated hybrid? Let us know your thoughts down below!

SAUSAGE PARTY is in theaters now!

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SOURCE: Fandango

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