– by Tim Jousma


Wrestling is a unique business. Despite the best planning from the creative minds of any company, sometimes the injury bug will pop up when you least expect it throwing a wrench into your plans. 

According to Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet, during Monday’s closing segment between Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins reinjured his knee. He’d previously torn his ACL in 2015, leading to a recovery that saw him come back in May of last year. All signs were pointing to Rollins facing off against Triple H at this year’s Wrestlemania. As of right now, plans are in place for a replacement match at the biggest show of the year if Seth Rollins needs time off.

If this turns out to be something serious, it could not have happened at the worst time. Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year and brings with it the biggest paycheck of the year. Folks have been anticipating this match for a while so it would definitely be disappointing if it were to not take place. 

Another factor to consider is, if Seth does require time off to recover, where does that leave his status in the main event scene. Rightfully so, the WWE gets leary of superstars that continually get injured. Not that I would be worried that Rollins would be out of a job, but if he has a repuation of being injury prone, the company would be quite hesitant to include him in the title picture unless they were certain he was going to be healthy. 

Seth Rollins is currently being evaluated. LRM will keep you updated once more information becomes available. 



Updated Tweet from Seth Rollins