– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Sometimes when I come across a story, I just smile. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost tend to make me do that, and on a side note I was ecstatic to see Nick Frost on Season 2 Episode 1 of Into The Badlands, which I hope I will have time to review today, as the show has taken a drastic turn.

These two fellows have created some hilarious movies over the years, and there has been a rumor that they are working on a new project. However, nothing will ever come close to the greatest Zombie movie ever made (yes Zombieland was awesome), Shaun of the Dead.

As it turns out, this movie was more than just fiction. Frost had a plan in place, and when talking with Inverse he described his “get outta zombie hell plan.”

“Shaun of the Dead, part of that was based on the out that me and Simon [Pegg] had, should the zombie apocalypse happen. Believe it or not, I do oddly have an out. There’s a little place where I sometimes go and walk the dog, where I think I could probably hide a tent. There’s a river there; I could fish. My son’s mother, her family has a house on a very small island on the Baltic Sea, so I think that would also be a boat home.”

This makes me giggle just think about Frost explaining Pegg his idea, and then them thinking, “Hey, this could be movie.”

But hey readers, that isn’t all. Frost has a plan just in case Donald Trump blows the world up, as he quickly told his wife to withdraw $10,000 from their bank account.

“There’s a division in our society, as there is in yours at this point. That said, I think if you could rerun the referendum tomorrow, the result would be a lot different. People were told lies, that’s just the bottom line. They believed it and they didn’t know what they were voting for, and they went for it. But we live in a democracy, so sadly, it has to happen. Unlike your country, we can’t impeach Brexit. It is what it is, but I think it’s an absolute disaster.”

Sounds like he would have voted for Hillary. Either way, I truly hope to see Nick Frost and Simon Pegg back together on screen sometime soon.

What do you guys think? Good plan taking money our in case Trump implodes? Do you like his zombie survival plan. I’d love to see him as a zombie on The Walking Dead.

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Source: Inverse

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