– by Drew Carlton

After a lengthy hiatus, our favorite opiate addicted “high-functioning sociopath” returns to the telly on Jan 1st 2017 with episode 1 “The Six Thatchers,” and then episode 2 on Jan 8th entitled “The Lying Detective,” followed by episode 3 “The Final Problem” on January 15th.  And that’s it for series 4.  

If you aren’t familiar with Sherlock or British television, the way television is done in England is different than what you may be accustomed to with the standard American 10-16 episode seasons.  Often, seasons are referred to as a “series” overseas, and many are 6 episodes in length, especially for a major drama.  Sherlock episodes are basically TV movies running around two hours each, and they may be months are even years apart.  This is no surprise considering the fame of both Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson) making it difficult to coordinate their schedules.    

The second trailer does not give us as much as the first trailer, but it gives a much darker view of the series.  When we last saw Sherlock (outside of the holiday special) he was being flown off to exile when a call came in that the deceased Moriarty (Andrew Scott), or a digital virus version of him, has returned.  Series 4 will deal with this and the new villain, Culverton Smith played by the great Toby Jones (Both Captain America solo films, Wayward Pines, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

The trailer starts with Watson ominously looking over Sherlock’s shoulder, and then it cuts to a mansion on fire.  The burning house could be a metaphor for just how much trouble that the gang might be in, and could indicate a series of problems for the detective that may not be so easily solved.  We then see Sherlock face down on a wooden table, possibly passed out on heroin, all the while different character’s are narrating and finally Sherlock says, “Do you know why I am here?”

We then switch to Culverton’s reply, “I’d like to hear you say it.”

This sets us up for major conflict between the two, and possibly Culverton could be a darker villain than even the psychotic Moriarty was.  Culverton Smith, as hard core Sherlock fans will know, is the “bad guy” from the original short story, “The Adventure of the Dying,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Afterwards, we get a few shots of both Watson and Sherlock’s brother Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) followed by a foreboding look from Inspector Lestrade (Rupert Graves). We see shots of everyone else starring in the show; Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs), Molly Hooper (Louise Brealy) and Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) all wearing perplexed looks.  Everyone seems to be worried, and it goes in line with the dark overtones of the trailer.  Back to Sherlock and Culverton, Culverton asks Sherlock to, “tell me your darkest secret,” which Sherlock replies, “I love you.”  Of course, this could all be cut in a way to seem they are talking to one another, but even having Sherlock say “I love you” is a shock, as Sherlock is not capable of those feelings, being a sociopath. 

The question remains, what happened to Moriarty after the series 3 cliffhanger?

If you have not seen Sherlock, and are skeptical simply because its “another Sherlock Holmes story,” then you thought they way I did — until I watched the first episode.  Mark Gatiss’ & Steven Moffat’s (the creators of the show) take on the character is like nothing you have ever read or seen before concerning the deductive detective.  The modern psychotic spin on the character will leave your mouth ajar and you longing for more at the end of every episode, and knowing how long you will have to wait for the next series makes it heart-breaking at times.

Is anyone else as excited to see Sherlock return Jan. 1st as I am?  Is Moriarty actually dead or will he resurface as a Westworld like robot? Can you think of a character more creepy than Toby Jone’s Culverton Smith? Lets hear what you have to say!

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SOURCE: Sherlock YouTube Channel