– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One of my big regrets last year was not seeing SICARIO. Everyone I know who saw it basically said, “You must see SICARIO!!” and…I never found the time to do that. Now comes word that there’s an anticipated follow-up for the film, and I’m even more intrigued.

Lower budget, indie-type films don’t typically go the sequel route. They’re not big budget tentpole franchises with merchandise and licensing deals, so- more often than not- when a film like SICARIO gets a sequel, it’s because the filmmakers actually have more to say. Isn’t that a refreshing thought?

Deadline is reporting that SOLDADO has found its director, and that man is Stefano Sollima. The Italian director is best known for directing gritty crime thrillers, and his big credits are the miniseries GOMORRA and the film A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards). He’d be directing a script written by SICARIO scribe Taylor Sheridan. His sequel script was very well-received by Lionsgate, so the film is a priority for the studio.

SOLDADO will focus on Benicio del Toro‘s character, the shadowy Alejando Gillick, and Josh Brolin‘s Matt Graver. In SICARIO, the two characters established themselves as being hellbent on bringing down drug kingpins. Emily Blunt‘s character won’t be back for this one, as SOLDADO will focus on Gillick and Graver turning their attention on the tunnels used to smuggle drugs across the Mexico-United States border. What’s so intriguing about the tunnels? The reality that, aside from transporting drugs and illegal immigrants into the country, they can also be used to sneak terrorists in.

The film sounds extremely topical, considering how much has been made of late about strengthening security along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Del Toro has been hard at work as the villain in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII, and it’s anticipated that he’ll be fully free from his duties in that galaxy far, far away so that SOLDADO can move into production this fall.

SICARIO was made for only $30 million, and pulled in $46 million domestically- aided by great word of mouth. The $84 million that the film pulled in worldwide was hardly a mandate for a sequel, so SOLDADO is being made primarily because the studio believes in it. 

SOURCE: Deadline

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