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Every year or so, we seem to come across a new barrage of rumor purporting that we’ll be getting a Blu-ray release of the original, uncut Star Wars trilogy, and each year it’s debunked. Such a rumor made the rounds last week, courtesy of the folks over at Making Star Wars (who, in all fairness, are right a lot of the time). They stated that, in celebration of the 40th year release ofthe original Star Wars, there would be a release of the unaltered trilogy in various formats. Given the sheer number of times a rumor like this has been covered, we held off on covering it.

Now, a new report from Digital Bits seems to confirm our hunches. Here’s what the outlet had to say regarding their knowledge of what Disney had to work with here.

“We’ve essentially confirmed that Disney’s current 4K scan of the film is the most recent revised version (essentially the latest “special edition”), not the original theatrical edition. What’s more, Disney’s director of Library Restoration and Preservation, Theo Gluck, held a special event at Ohio State University’s Wexner Center for the Arts last night, a presentation called Animation Restoration at Walt Disney Studios. Gluck was asked there about Star Wars and reported that the original cut negative for the film currently exists in its ‘SE’ configuration only.”

In short, the studio does not have a complete 4K version of the unaltered editions. Now, the piece went on to state that Disney does have the “trims” removed from the original trilogy negatives. What this means is that they could somehow transfer those trims to 4K and insert them into the 4K versions they currently have with them. So, in essence, it is possible for Disney to make it work.

Though while it is possible for them to do so, Disney’s director of Library Restoration and Preservation Theo Gluck, and 20th Century Fox’s Senior VP of Library and Tech Services Shawn Belston have confirmed to the outlet that no such work on a reconstruction has begun. But don’t give up hope yet. Crazier things have happened in the past. But will they hit in 2017? No, they won’t.

Would you re-buy the Star Wars trilogy if they were released in their unaltered format? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Digital Bits, Making Star Wars

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