– by Drew Carlton

Spider-Man is perhaps the biggest name in all of Marvel Entertainment, and while Tony Stark may give me the stink-eye for suggesting that, he would be in the wrong.  The biggest Marvel news since The Avengers first hit theaters is the fact that Spider-Man was heading to Marvel Studios after a long battle with Sony over the webslinger’s rights.  Once the 2 Amazing Spider-Man movies were put to rest, some of us fans were worried that the series would be in limbo for the unforeseeable future.
Luckily, Sony and Marvel wised up and made a deal to get Peter Parker where he belongs: with The Avengers (Pssst, Fox, give Marvel Studios a call  —  what a great way to introduce a new Wolverine).

The first trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming are out, in the form of a U.S. and International version, and they’re loaded with nice little tidbits to make our Spidey-Senses go haywire.  

The original live-action adaptation of Spider-Man will have been around for 15 years by the time Homecoming is released in 2017, making me feel ancient, as I remember — not as a kid but as an adult — waiting in anticipation for the original to be released.  Those feelings flooded back like a biblical catastrophe as I examined these 2 trailers, and while I could likely write a blog on every frame, I will try and focus on just a few things which you may have not noticed.


Notice the tip of an X-Wing on the far right.

Notice the tip of an X-Wing on the far right.

When I first watched the trailer, my mental reaction screamed, “ZOMG its Ganke,” who, as comic fans know, is Miles Morales’ portly friend in what was the Ultimate Universe’s (alternate dimension) version of a new Spider-Man in the comics.  After a crisis (wink) happened, Miles was folded into the current Marvel continuity and basically became the second Spider-Man.  I love Ganke and truly wanted this to be him, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Sadly, this chubby fella in the trailer is actually Ned Leads, another of Peter Parker’s early friends that eventually turns into Hobgoblin, an adversary.  

However, I do believe they are trying give Ned the personality of Ganke, which will be fine as he should have a dynamic relationship with Peter that could only bring forth niche comedy.

Both Ned and Peter seem to fit the “nerdy” stereotype by seemingly loving the thing that all nerds are suppose to love: Star Wars (on a sidenote, this also works as an Easter egg to those who know Disney controls both Star Wars and Marvel).  In the trailer, Ned discovers that Peter is actually Spider-Man after Ned catches him taking a casual stroll on the ceiling of one of their bedrooms and in shock drops an almost complete LEGO model of what looks like the Death Star, causing it to shatter into about 9000 pieces.

Also, if you look carefully at the edge of the screen, there’s the tip of an X-Wing on the right (pictured above). In the shot of Peter on the ceiling, there is and AT-AT Walker on a shelf. In the shot with Peter stripping down, there is a set of figurines on the other shelf.  At first I thought these were Avengers figurines, but you can clearly see R2-D2.  The only thing that makes Peter “non-nerdy” is the fact that after he takes his spidersuit off, he has the body of an Olympic swimmer.  Poor Ned. Not everyone can be bitten by a radioactive spider.

But this leads us into another cool detail!


And we’re not even talking about the look of the suit here, or the armpit webbings, which have already been covered in other articles.

Peter Parker has indeed been nerdy in past iterations, but this version of the character has a few things that no other has ever had. Primarily, he has the body of an Olympic swimmer which makes me feel bad for poor Ned, but not everyone can be bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter’s athletic body was shown when he managed to do something no other portrayal of Spider-Man has ever accomplished — he yanked his entire costume off with a quick flip of the wrist. I am positive Tony Stark was behind this invention of ease.

This may seem like a stupid, insignificant detail, but actually seeing the suit just…spring off like that is something we’ve never really seen in the films before. Sure, we’ve seen the mask get sprung off with ease, but with this suit, you can actually see the technical implications underneath the entire thing, which is surprisingly rewarding. The thing peels off in a way that’s not completely unlike how Stark designed his suits. Sure, it’s different fabric, but the ease with which it can be put on and removed is the same basic principle, and it’s cool to see that consistency in philosophy across Stark’s tech.


Are these contraptions the handiwork of the Tinkerer?

Are these contraptions the handiwork of the Tinkerer?

It was revealed by Deadline some time ago that Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black) will be playing the villain known as The Tinkerer, a very quirky character from the books.  His powers are just as his name suggests, he tinkers with stuff and then makes wonderfully evil inventions to antagonize heroes everywhere.  

Towards the beginning of the trailer, we see a tool being used to break into an ATM by a group of criminals wearing Avengers Halloween masks.  Clearly, these guys could not have come up with such a powerful invention as this on their own, so it is likely someone made it for them.  

Then later we see Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) wielding some type of electrical based weapon seemingly based on Stark technology, but my guess would be Ultron-related, or perhaps one of Stark’s robots he had saving people before Ultron took control. 

In the international trailer we also see the great Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo) with his Shocker blaster which looks very similar.  Also lets not forget that The Vulture (Michael Keaton) seems to be harnessing alien Chitauri gear.  My thinking is that The Tinkerer takes tech and hacks it, both improving upon it, and making it more user-friendly.  Thus he is able to outfit all the bad guys.  This is something that falls in line with a scoop from Joblo some months ago, which revolved around The Tinkerer’s role in this film.

I would also like to point out that even though Bokeem has been cast as Shocker, I find it weird that in the trailer Logan Marshall-Green is wearing clothes similiar to the costume that Shocker wore in the comics.  Also we see Donald Glover next to him, and we cant help but wondering who he is? Electro? His actual role in the film still remains a mystery.


If The Tinkerer is so good at hacking both alien and Stark technology, then why couldn’t he hack an upgraded Spidersuit?  If you watch the trailer closely then you will see Peter getting thrown into a bus wearing his old uniform, the one shown on Tony Stark’s SuperSmartPhone when Spider-Man was being recruited.  

Its easy to say that the scene may be a flashback, which may be the case, but I’d like to think that Peter had to go back to his old digs and put on his underoos suit to save the day because technology had failed him.  This would go well with another idea I had that this version of Peter Parker has moved into the modern world and gone away from the days of taking photographs for the Daily Bugle.  

We see in both the trailer and the teaser that Spider-Man is enamored with social media, as these days most kids are.  It is feasible that instead of taking photos for money, he makes a blog or a Youtube channel and gets his cash that way.  That would be a great spin on a modern day Spider-Man.

What other little details did you notice in the trailers? Let us know what you think below, along with any interesting theories you may have.

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