– by Drew Carlton

I am really starting to dig the non-english websites, they give quite a bit of secretive information especially when celebrities think that nobody in the USA will read it, and today I stumbled across some yummy Star Wars Episode VIII information.

A well known Star Wars starcraft vessel has likely been seen on set in Bolivia, where the film is currently being filmed, that of the B-Wing which was featured in Return Of The Jedi. If you take a look at the picture below (via Star Wars News Net), you can clearly see the resemblance of the cockpit, and even though this could be a new model, it still gives you pause and makes you think of the B-Wing.

Star Wars Episode VIII is being filmed at location in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, in an area where the landscape completely makes you think of the Star Wars setting. A spanish fansite, Prensa Imperial, confirmed this location and had this to say:

“A new rumor adds to the string of headline news for Star Wars Episode VIII, this time from the fan page Bolivia.”

“According to the report, a reliable source would have revealed that a few months ago a filming unit made recordings for a film of the saga in the well-known Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The informants, who would be part of the production, did not specify for what movie the recordings were but considering the date the recordings would have been made for Episode VIII since we did not see such places in Rogue One.”

“The place, recognized all over the world, has a characteristic landscape that would fit perfectly in the list of exotic landscapes that has in its history the saga, those that come to reaffirm the intentions of Lucasfilm in filming the greater amount of sequences in scenes To avoid excessive use of computer effects.”

Prensa also reported that an onlooker saw Stormtroopers running around, and that it was filmed there between four and five days.

Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm have kept the movie tightly under wraps, so any information we get is a treat. We still have no idea if Luke Skywalker will be in more than a few scenes, but our eyes are on the radar here, and any small detail we get will be passed along.

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SOURCE: Star Wars Bolivia, Translation via Prensa Imperial (via Star Wars News Net)