– by Drew Carlton

I know we (specifically I) have been focused a lot lately on Avengers: Infinity War, we have had quite a few role confirmations, and any small item we can find must be shared with you guys. This is the movie that I am hoping will correct the last Avengers attempt with Ultron, and usher in a new phase of perhaps lesser known characters. However, one well known actor, Josh Brolin (who on a side note is the son of James Brolin, the star of the original Westworld movie in 1973 — sorry couldn’t resist), went to Instagram today to show us a split image of his character and his… human face. Check it out!

So, clearly Brolin is excited to finally get out of his chair and do some major damage to Earth. I speculated yesterday that depending on what happens in Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2, he may commandeer Ego and attempt to crash it into our beloved planet. Pure hypothesis, of course, but I am sure that whatever he does there will be many deaths in the MCU.

So who should die by Thanos’ hands?

I have compiled a short-list of some characters that I either think will be wiped out, or that I want to be killed:


He holds the Mind Stone in his head, and with Thanos wanting to create a full powered Infinity Gauntlet, this could only seem natural. I do like Paul Beteny, and I hate to see him go so soon, but once that thing is ripped out of his head he will likely cease to function. Maybe not, Ultron didn’t need it to survive, so why should he? I just doubt that Thanos will go easy on the android.

Scarlet Witch

I just hate this over powered character, that is completely underutilized. She has so much depth in the comics, and Elizabeth Olsen does a terrible job portraying her. Maybe Thanos will stomp both of them down after catching them unaware in bed. (Their relationship is straight from the books, folks)

Iron Man

This is Robert Downey Jr’s last signed on film to fulfill his contract, and he has expressed interests that he may be done. This could be a huge blow to the Marvel world, and some people think that after this happens the MCU may fail. I disagree. We need a new actor (or actress) to take up the mantle, and while I can not guess at this time who would do it well, I am sure Marvel could find the perfect fit.

Does the Thanos character in Brolin’s image look awesome? Who would you like to see die in Infinity War? Let us know.

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Source: Instagram