– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Earlier this week Kevin Smith announced on Twitter that he has finished directing his second episode of Supergirl.  This will be Kevin Smiths fourth time in the directors chair for a DC/CW show.  Kevin directed a previous episode of Supergirl (Supergirl Lives) already this season as well two episodes of The Flash (The Runaway Dinosaur and Killer Frost).  All of Kevin’s previous episodes he has directed have been well received by the fans and great reviews from critics.  If you listen to Kevin Smith’s podcast though he will say that he doesn’t do anything and that the show directs itself.  I beg to differ from his thoughts coming from a person who watches all the DC/CW shows.  

With Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Reboot in production this will probably be that last time we see Kevin Smith directing one of the CW shows in a while.  Lets hope that it will not be the last time we see Kevin Smith behind the camera for SupergirlThe Flash, or possibly Arrow.

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