– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Folks had a good laugh, myself included, when Marvel released a teaser for their upcoming heist flick Ant-Man that seemed to be aimed at, well…ants. The miniature images were damn near impossible to make out. But now Marvel has coughed up the goods. Well, sort of.

See, continuing the new-ish tradition of releasing teasers for teasers, the following teaser is just a 17 second sampling of the full teaser that will be attached to the series premiere of Agent Carter on ABC tomorrow night (Should I say “teaser” again? Teaser Teaser Teaser),

Go ahead, click below, and check out the first real eyes-on look at Ant-Man available to the public:

Not much to go on here, really. But I suppose it’s better than nothing. With the film coming out in 7 months, many fans have found the lack of teasers or trailers suspicious. The rocky development of the film is well-documented, with director Edgar Wright famously walking away from the project after years of shepherding the Marvel adaptation. At the time, there were all kinds of murmurs about re-writes; About Marvel tinkering with Wright’s script; About the studio adjusting the whole thing to better fit into its greater cinematic universe. So the fact that it’s January, and we’re only now getting our first look, has made some feel that Marvel isn’t happy with the film and has been delaying sharing it with the world.

Only time will tell.

Who’s planning to watch Agent Carter tomorrow night? I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. I don’t do Marvel or DC TV, but I may check this one out.

SOURCE: Marvel

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