– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One of the most anticipated episodes of The Flash this year had to be “Duet” with the frame of the story line being a musical.  Ever since the two Glee graduates teamed up last year on Supergirl the idea of a musical episode had been in the works.  “Duet” was a much needed change of pace even if you aren’t into musicals.  The past couple of weeks the characters of The Flash have dealt with some serious events and heavy emotions, so it was nice to see a change of pace.  With Barry’s proposal to Iris being exposed as a falsehood, Wally being stuck in the Speed Force for a brief time period reliving the death of his mom, and Caitlin and Julian trying to figure out their relationship made it welcoming for an episode that was light hearted and made us able to smile at the end.

Last night’s introduction of Music Meister wasn’t the first time we have seen this character on TV.   Music Meister’s first appearance on television was on Batman: The Brave and The Bold episode “Mayhem of the Music Meister” hypnotizing a group of heroes and villains to overtake a United Nations satellite only to be foiled by Batman.  “The Duet” focused on the idea that Music Meister hypnotized Barry and Kara into a coma sending them into an alternate universe that played out like West Side Story.  The way out of hypnosis for Barry and Kara was to follow through the to the end of the musical which would end with romantic kisses from Mon El and Iris to save Kara and Barry. Kudos to the writers for coming up with a decent way to show how musicals played an impact on Barry’s and Kara’s youth.  Showing a young Barry with his mom watching “Singing In The Rain” allowed the transition into the musical piece easier to accept.

It was amazing to see all the cast with singing abilities shine in this episode.  A little surprise for me was seeing Carlos Valdes performing in the ensemble of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” since he had denied singing in the episode at every interview and panel I have seen in him.  He has a background in musical theater along with having his own band he performs with so it was strange to hear him deny that he wasn’t singing in this episode.  The music numbers started off with a strong rendition of “Moon River” performed by Melissa Benoist that set the bar high for the rest of the episode.  While Barry and Kara carried a majority of the musical numbers the songs performed by John Barrowman, Jesse Martin, and Victor Garber were blended really well into the episode. Of course musicals tend to be on the corny side that was shown during Barry and Kara’s duet “Super Friends” composed by Rachel Bloom.

Although it wouldn’t have fit well into last night’s story it would have been nice to see a cameo from Ciara Renee¸ since she has an amazing voice and a background performing in Broadway.  I mean they were able to sneak in John Barrowman into the story and he hasn’t had a direct involvement on The Flash, so putting Ciara Renee wouldn’t have been that far of a stretch.

While Music Meister’s hypnosis of Barry and Kara was the main plot, it did not stop the writers from getting in a quick team-up between Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, and Vibe.  It was great to see but a little confusing why Music Meister was robbing a bank since in the end he was teaching Barry and Kara that love conquers all.  While there was not a lot of time devoted to this team-up it opens the door for future crossover events to happen not solely focused on Barry and Kara.

Overall this episode was Amazing and nothing of what I was expecting when the musical was first announced.  This was one of the best episodes this season for different reasons than my other favorite episodes.  If you are person who doesn’t enjoy musicals, then this episode would be a hard sell to rank it as one

Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.