– by Drew Carlton

After watching the midseason finale of The Walking Dead and wishing there was an 11th episode of Westworld Sunday night explaining how Maeve is actually Dolores, I was instead treated to a nice little tweet by Grant Gustin, the actor behind The Flash.

Is he teasing us that a new version of The Flash suit will arrive midseason?  I doubt it, but I always get warm feelings thinking about when the CW show will actually give Flash his ring. What “ring,” you ask?

Throughout our history — andI don’t mean the history created by The Flash — we have been inundated with various costumes that The Flash has worn.  Some are yellow and terrible, and end up on Kid Flash, while others are mainstream and sleek and end up in “The Ring.”

For those unfamiliar, ”The Ring” is basically a Flash storage system, where he can store his superhero costume and release it when he needs to transform into the persona of The Flash. 

We have seen it only once on the CW show, where the Reverse-Flash carried his suit with him and ejected it, but the Flash for a majority of the books has released his suit from his ring.  With a speedy flick of his wrist, his outfit comes out and he is dressed to stop evil-doers.

Of course, the ring isn’t the only real possibility for a suit upgrade.

Over the years, in the comics, The Flash has had quite a few different looks to his suit. Some were cheesy and others were pretty cool.

Here we see The Flash after getting a blue Power Ring during a Green Lantern story arc, The Sinestro Corps, if I am not mistaken.  This was a really cool look, and while not an undead Black Lantern, at least he got a taste of a Power Ring.  Lets also not forget that every version of The Flash has a slightly different look.  For Example, Jay Garrick wore a metallic helmet and Johnny Quick wore yellow pants.

Would it be cool to see The Flash in a new costume?  Maybe he could get in a Jay Garrick outfit for an episode.  Lets hear your thoughts below.

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SOURCE: Grant Gustin