The God of High School Episode 5 Review & Roundtable Discussion

Hello, everyone and welcome to this week’s episode review of Episode 5 of The God of High School. In this week’s review, Brendan and I are bringing this review to you as a roundtable discussion. So, let’s get right into it (Spoilers ahead!).

Episode 5 Review

Steve: So jumping right into it, what did you think of Han Daewi and Jin Mori fight? Well worth the short wait?

Brendan: I enjoyed the fight between the two main characters Daewi and Mori. Daewi poured all of his emotions into the fight trying to save his friend. It was good to see why he changed his fighting style in the tournament last episode. 

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Steve: I completely agree. I also liked how they switched up the animation style for a bit. I felt this fluid change gave the fight more emotion and intensity that I feel has yet to be displayed from the quick fights we have already seen. But, that makes sense since this was the first emotionally-charged fight in the series. Also, this fight really built up Jin Mori to be the toughest of the tough since he took such a beating and still came back for the win. I imagine this will be a common trend throughout the show. Also, many anime start with the main character fighting their future allies. Do you expect to see more allies introduced in this season?

Brendan: To spare from spoilers later on in the series, I will just say the essential core stays the same. There is a character we have seen in the tournament already that becomes a crucial ally in the comic. We do meet new challenges in the next few episodes basing it off the web comic. What are you looking forward to in round 2 of the God of High School tournament?

Steve: For round 2 I’m excited to see more villains introduced and getting insight on their backstory. I’m especially interested in their motivation for hosting the tournament. Also, thank you for sparing the spoilers. This portion of the show so far definitely feels like the introduction that will set the stage for the rest of the season. That being said, I hope we can really get moving. I hope Han and Mira still get to fight despite being out of the tournament. 

Brendan: The next round, if still following the source material, is 3v3 against regional qualifiers. So luckily we will see all three of them compete. Round 2 gets crazy at times with the ending being a game changer. I’m predicting the end of the season is when we will see why the series is called The God of High School

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Steve: That’s awesome, I’m really looking forward to that. Do you hope to see the anime stick pretty close to the web comic for the next arc or do you hope to see some liberties taken as they have been doing?

Brendan: Honestly, I can roll with both. If it does take a different path from the source material, then that would be interesting to see how they diverge from the set path. Though if it does follow the source material, this series is going to get absolutely insane…like JoJo’s level of insane.

Steve: Ha-ha that is great to hear. Everything has been set up great so far. I can see this show having potential to give the other big fighter anime a run for their money. I really like the show’s ability to give its characters real grounded motivations for fighting, many of which are relatable. Overall, I thought this episode was great and summed up our three main characters well. Any other thoughts on this episode?

Brendan: Enjoy the relatable part of the series now. I thought it was a good episode that served as the midpoint of the first season. It worked out on the main trio and fleshed them out as characters before entering the next stage of the tournament. The fight between Daewi and Jin showcased martial arts of both characters, which will only progress in skill level as the series progresses. 

Steve: That’s awesome because I thought both of their styles were showcased well. I can only imagine the crazy styles we will see moving forward. 

Brendan: Definitely should be interesting to watch this series progress.

And that’s all we have for this week’s review of Episode 5 of The God of High School

What did you guys think of episode 5 of The God of High School? Are you enjoying the show so far or are you waiting to binge the entire first season? Let us know in the comments below!

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