– by Rob Young


Although most animated films are created with the aid of computers, the filmmakers behind them often employ traditional illustrative techniques to craft their vision. Pixar is no exception to this rule. Although they might be the considered to be one of the chief innovators in the field of animation, they have never forgotten their roots.

A few months ago, we spoke to Incredibles 2 Art Director, Brynn Imagire, about the blending of old and new illustrative techniques on the film, and she had this to say:

It depends on the project but we still use traditional illustration skills. I make a lot of practical models. I use sculpture also. But we do paint and draw and Photoshop, all traditional skills. When we look at portfolios, at least in the art department, we still look at traditional portfolios.

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However, Imagire also noted the struggle that many artists face when making the transition from traditional 2D animation to 3D, while also expressing optimism towards the future, stating:

I didn’t even learn anything on the computer until I was in college. I just learned how to paint and draw. And back then, when we would hire 20 years ago, people were still traditional like us. But now I feel like students coming out of art school are so savvy that they all know how to use Photoshop. They all know how to use Maya.

This is great news for admirers and purveyors of more traditional illustrational techniques since it is an indicator that the form will not be going away anytime soon. However, it might also be an indicator that there might be some changes afoot in the field as well.

Either way, we will be here to cover it!

Be on the lookout for our full interview, and Incredibles 2 hits theaters this weekend!

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