– by Rob Young

Given the high quality of Pixar’s films, it is easy to forget the incredible amount of effort that goes into making them. Each production tends to involve hundreds of people working simultaneously, and even then, it can take anywhere between four and six years to make one film. Yet, Incredibles 2, was somehow able to finish production within three and a half years, which is well below that average. Not bad for a movie that spent 12 years in development!

A few months ago we had the opportunity to sit down with Kureha Yokoo, one of the animators from the movie, and discuss the collaborative process involved in bringing an action sequence (involving a runaway train) to life. When asked how long it took to animate, she said:

So it’s with us, probably, anywhere from two to five months. But we had a lot of people. I think this was the biggest crew we’ve ever had from an animation standpoint. So maybe it was like three months total.

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If Yokoo’s tidbit about Incredibles 2 having the largest ever animation crew is correct, it sounds like Pixar could have a lot of confidence in this sequel and/or it could also be indicative of a new production philosophy that they are trying out to shorten the time it takes to animate a movie.

Either way, fans of Pixar and the first Incredibles film, should be excited by this news, since it means that they have less of a wait time to see their favorite movies.

What are your thoughts about this new production schedule? Do you think bigger is better, or is it indicative of a problem within Pixar’s ranks? Either way, please feel free to sound off below.

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