– by Drew Carlton

Yesterday, we got some wonderful information from Mario-Francisco Robles as we learned the title of Star Wars Episode VIII will be called The Last Jedi.

I took Monday off, but when I saw this I quickly msg’d Jammer (aka Joseph Medina) on Twitter.

Drew Carlton: so i havent checked feedly yet =0 hows it looking?

Joseph Jammer Medina: not much right now. I just started a couple minutes ago, so I’m still not abreast yet

Drew Carlton: the last jedi huh, i see marios post, how do you feel about the title?

Joseph Jammer Medina: it’s fine. I honestly have very few feelings. I’m curious what it means.

Drew Carlton: it must mean either luke or rey right?

Joseph Jammer Medina: it’s interesting

Joseph Jammer Medina: yeah, I’m assuming…but there’s a good chance it doesn’t really mean a Jedi specifically

Drew Carlton: howso?

Joseph Jammer Medina: plural of Jedi is jedi

Drew Carlton: hmmm
Drew Carlton: that would be misleading to most audiences though

Joseph Jammer Medina: not necessarily. that’s like saying return of the Jedi is misleading
Joseph Jammer Medina: Return of the Jedi can’t just mean Luke since Luke was never a Jedi before that

Drew Carlton: i always saw return of the jedi as return of luke, well, return of the jedi becoming luke, like they were gone, then luke… but i see your point

Joseph Jammer Medina: I think there may be a less tangible meaning to it, because it wouldn’t make sense for The Last Jedi to happen halfway through a trilogy

Drew Carlton: another obvious possibility is this is where luke dies, then rey, the last one

Joseph Jammer Medina: very true. I’ve considered that. but it seems like an uncharacteristic giveaway

Drew Carlton: also true

Well, Today Rian Johnson provided us with a teaser from the classic scroll from Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

This really got me thinking on just what The Last Jedi could mean.

The Last Jedi: Rey

Rey has gained the ultimate gift of The Force, perhaps the last one in the universe ever to be given said gift. Luke trains her (with my ultimate fantasy of him riding around in a backpack on her back) and teaches her to become the greatest Force weilder ever, and she starts showing powers we have never seen before simply because she is so intune with The Force. Unfortunately, Luke meets an untimely death and Rey and Chewbacca take on The Dark Side of the force and battle with Kylo Ren and Snoke in a battle to the death.

The Last Jedi: Luke

This may simply refer to The Last Jedi being Luke, considering Rey has no training and unless we want to spend half of the movie in an Empire Strikes Back format of Luke teaching Rey the ways of the force, he will simply take the lead only mildly training Rey and fight Kylo Ren himself. If this were to happen, the likely outcome would be a quick death of both Kylo and possibly Luke as well, and the third movie would focus on Snoke. Well, who am I kidding, Luke would become a Vader-like cyborg and then he would go after Snoke in the final film. It needs to be noted that in the scroll of The Force Awakens, it reads that Luke is The Last Jedi. Perhaps this is the most obvious clue, and honestly this is the movie I think most want to see; a movie about Luke Skywalker.

The Last Jedi: Kylo Ren

The least likely outcome. Or is it? Kylo Ren has a change of heart after killing his father, the great Han Solo, and after some meeting with Luke changes his way and sees The Force for what it really is. Is this ridiculous? Did you watch Return Of The Jedi? This is kinda what Star Wars does, and honestly, I would not be surprised if Luke turns evil and Kylo must defeat him at the end of Episode IX.

The Last Jedi: Plural

Luke, Rey, Finn, Kylo, and whatever they do with Leia. Is it this simple? These are The Last Jedi? Is it this easy?

So my friends, who is/are The Last Jedi. Did Rian Johnson make it simple for us or is there a hidden meaning? Speak up! Have I forgotten the possibility Finn could be The Last Jedi?

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Source: Rian Johnson/Instagram