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Who or what is The Child in Disney+’s The Mandalorian? In just a few short days, the highly successful show will drop the second season’s first episode. We all like to speculate, and what better time to discuss The Child than now. For this speculation, let’s try to stay within the current canon. That alone can be confusing and hard to nail down. The list will start with the least potential and end with most likely. Take all this with a grain of salt since it is merely conjecture. This is the way!

5 – Force Manipulation/The Actual One

Star Wars timeline uses the Battle of Yavin as its central point with BBY noting before and ABY indicating afterward. Return of the Jedi happens 4 ABY, with The Mandalorian taking place 9 ABY. During the first episode of The Mandalorian, we learn The Child is 50. The Child’s birth date is 41 BBY, the same year Anakin is born. During The Clone Wars animated show, Yoda sees hints of things to come through the force during season six. Did the force, knowing pieces of the future, manipulate some births during 41 BBY to create children who would bring the long-prophesied balance to the force? If this were the case, Jedi misunderstood the prophecy regarding Anakin. Theories like this would mean you almost have to ret-con to the point you render pieces of the prequel trilogy invalid. Rewriting Star Wars lore is not the main objective of The Mandalorian.


The Child The Mandalorian

4 – Clone

Seriously? How does this rank higher than the previous one? Logically speaking, this could happen without rewriting Star Wars history. Any fan with a passing knowledge knows this is entirely possible. Someone could have lifted needed items for cloning from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Emperor has cloning facilities in different places. Instead of getting into the weeds on this, let’s examine why this is NOT the way! Jon Favreau and crew are smart enough to realize fans do not want this and are creative enough not to retread this ground. Although, more likely than number five, it is anti-climatic to use this storyline.

3 – Actually Yoda

Keep in mind this season will feature Ashoka and some of the Star Wars Rebels crew. When we last saw them, they were going to keep searching for Ezra. Some of the characters had made it to the Battle of Endor. Season four of Star Wars Rebels introduces the veil of the force. Ezra uses it to save Ashoka’s life by pulling her into the veil. Some dumb rumors have circulated, saying the veil would reset the sequel trilogy. Folks, that will not happen, so ignore any rumblings like that. Someone could use the veil to pluck Yoda from his time. Why pull a young Yoda from his timeline? Ashoka has not received teaching on how to commune with force ghosts, so there might be a need for the future Jedi master. Maybe a younger Yoda functions as a guide to help her team find Ezra.


Theory of The Child in The Mandalorian

This storyline would also mean someone lost The Child. In the newest trailer for season two of The Mandalorian, we hear Mando say, “I’ve been quested to bring this one back to its kind.” Did Mando refer to the The Child’s species or to Jedi? Five years after Return of the Jedi is enough time for a new Jedi temple to form. A massive concern here would be explaining how something akin to time travel would work within the confines of Star Wars. With canon having a chance to be rewritten now, it would have to account for Yoda’s disappearance and reappearance. The veil is potentially off-putting and will create confusion for casual or life-long fans. Now resetting the universe on a whim can happen, which leads to problems.

2 – Yoda Is The Child’s Baby Daddy

Yeah, I felt silly writing that, so you might scoff at this idea. Allow me to share some thoughts, though. We are first introduced to the concept of Jedi not having attachments and forbidden love during Attack of the Clones. Padme asks Anakin specifically about it. Where did the rule originate? One might find the answers in the Star Wars Legends line, previously called the Expanded Universe. Legends is not canon now. Lucasfilm states canon as the movies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, and anything forward from when they made the changeover. This change happened in 2014. Previous answers no longer have to hold. At this time, no solution seems to exist. Here is another question: If Yoda is the father, then who is the mother? Here is where you can answer both questions with one character – Yaddle.


She is the same species as Yoda. Yaddle appeared in The Phantom Menace as a member of the Jedi Council but disappeared from the other movies. Both Yaddle and Yoda possibly hatched a plan for her to go into hiding with The Child. Two powerful Jedi might need to hide or protect their offspring. If Yoda fell in love and had a child, these actions could help explain where The Child came from, the rule, and even how Yoda led Kenobi and Organa to split up the Skywalker twins.

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1 – An Original Idea

Unlike the newest trilogy, The Mandalorian has an overall direction. Fans of Star Wars will have numerous opinions of the franchise. Hopefully, one thing we can agree on is Favreau and others on his team have never tackled anything without a clear direction. They will not jump the shark or nuke the fridge. A person may not like where the series goes, but one cannot say it lacks originality. As a fan, it is fun to speculate and discuss the expectations of a beloved franchise. A friend speculated The Child’s species could be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Maybe it will be best to sit back and enjoy the ride they want us to take with them. Many have felt this and signed on for a new season. Star Wars works best when it combines original ideas and great storytelling to tweak its source material, like samurai.

What’s your theory on who or what is The Child in The Mandalorian? Season 2 of The Mandalorian premieres October 30th on Disney+.

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