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Ok friends, yes I just created the epitome of “clickbait” that has been discussed so much here lately, and if you read my work you know I basically never would mislead. But come on, let’s all laugh a little. I could have waited till the end like other sites, but what he said actually relates. Stay with me here because he does have meaningful content.

In a panel, on one of those celebrity led cruises we hear so much about lately, Tom Payne (Jesus) was asked about how he felt about the way he would portray his death in the AMC show when it first comes around. Most comic fans know that, not only has he not yet perished in the books, but he is a central gladiator to the series. Jesus clearly has some level of martial arts training, he is sneaky, and has a way to avoid almost any situation. Most of us expect that he will be the last to die, next to Carl.

A question was asked if he would rather die by the teeth of a Walker, or by the hands of a real Walker (humans).

“I think man, [human] When you get bit in a couple days you die, I couldn’t act it!”

He may be referring to Tyrese’s (Chad Coleman) scene that through a whole episode he went in and out of flashbacks, and one can tell that Coleman put some major acting effort into this. This was a wonderful episode, and maybe Payne felt he simply could not replicate the dramatic acting there.

Payne also seems nervous about many of the scenes:

“On this show, everyone throws themselves around! Andy Lincoln, the lead actor, the lead actor that this whole show is based on, is literally throwing himself on this huge leap and rolling around on the floor and struggling. Like, excuse me? Where are the stunt people? What’s happening?”

I get this because he does not have a lengthy acting career, especially in action or heavily dramatic scenes. But come on, you are on one of the biggest hit TV shows EVER. He refers to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) jumping across a building with not stuntman earlier. Sack up man.

So do you think Jesus could die soon, either in The Walking Dead show or comic? Who is the next character on the show you think will die? Is Jesus being too timid here?

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Source: comicbook.com

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