– by Drew Carlton

Here is another funny clip from the guys over at CB, as they seem to have a new unique one every week for The Walking Dead. Josh McDermitt really brings Eugene to life, in a much better way than the comic creators ever hoped for. I would actually say, that if it was not for McDermitt’s performance in this show, that Eugene may already be dead in the books. I recommend watching this video in full screen. 

Negan is doing what Negan does best; making people p*ss themselves. One can clearly see that Eugene is terrified, but hey, just in case things go “sour” and he needs to make a run for it, there is always that huge jar to throw at Negan, in case Eugene wants to get him in a “pickle.”

The issue with Eugene is that he is valuable, and will be difficult for Team Alexandria to recover, as he has the knowledge to make ammunition. In the books, he eventually makes a bread mill, grows crops that are versatile, and even turns into a proficient fighter. I honestly do not expect him to get away from Negan anytime soon.

Also, check out these 2 trailers; one of them showing my favorite character Dwight, who if you do not know *SPOILER ALERT* eventually becomes Rick’s right hand man. I am unsure the AMC series will take this route unless Daryl dies, but I believe Dwight will at least redeem himself. Oh, and poor Fat Joey, take a look:

There you go — just a few more nights — Is everyone liking the second half of Season 7? Let’s hear from you!

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Source: comicbook.com, AMC