– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last year’s Captain America: Civil War was a big stepping stone for Marvel Studios. For around a dozen films, they had been building up to this point of our heroes coming to blows. After seeing these men and women fight side by side for a few movies, we’d witness an event that would threaten to tear apart the very idea of The Avengers. However, fans knew that not every single Avengers would make their way into the movie.

While Marvel Studios would have almost everyone under the sun, there are two major players who had no dog in this fight: Thor and Hulk. When last we saw Hulk, he was flying off in a jet, heading to an unknown future, and when we last saw Thor, he went in search of a mysterious force that was tampering with the minds of the group. But while it seemed to make sense enough for many fans that we’d check in with Thor and Hulk at a later date, there was one man who initially thought the worst when he realized Thor was not in Civil War.

Speaking with EW (via ComicBook.com), actor Chris Hemsworth, who play Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recalled his first impressions when he was told he would not be in the film.

“I was like, ‘What?’ Are [Mark Ruffalo and I] being fired?’ Marvel quickly reassured us, ‘No you guys have got your own journey going on, and in order for that to work you can’t be a part of this one.’”

Hemsworth’s reaction is understandable. While Marvel Studios prides itself on its shared universe, it’s not above replacing their actors when it sees fit. If you’ll recall, we’ve already witnessed the recasting of big characters like Bruce Banner and Rhodes, so who’s to say they wouldn’t do it again.

All in all, it seems to have turned out for the best. Captain America: Civil War was plenty big without the likes of Thor and Hulk muddying up the waters, and this journey has opened them up for this cool-sounding team-up film in Thor: Ragnarok, which seems like one of the more unique films in the MCU in a while.

What do you think of Hemsworth’s comments? Kinda highlights the idea that actors are usually the very last ones to hear about what their characters are up to in their movies, doesn’t it? 

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: EW (via ComicBook.com)

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