– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Arrow and Team Arrow – The show begins in an abandoned warehouse!  Shocking! This time it isn’t Team Arrow, but Vigilante who saves the day in the extreme style which closely reflects his comic book counterpart.

Next, the team is seen training together at their base while Oliver is brooding over Prometheus.  Felicity informs the team of Vigilante’s attack.  Diggle takes the team to a bank robbery where they find one of the criminals close to death.  He reveals that it was Vigilante with his dying words.  The team isn’t sure why they are going after Vigilante as he is going after criminals as they do.  Oliver reminded them of how angry they were when they found out that The Hood used to kill.  The team takes to the streets in order to get closer to Vigilante.  Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and Spartan go to a weapons dealer looking to gain information on where Vigilante may have received his weapons.  Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific felt they had the situation under control, but Diggle took over and gained information through intimidation.  Artemis takes to the streets dressed fairly provocatively (isn’t she supposed to be a teenager?  Weird). Ragman comes to investigate the criminal who followed Artemis.  Team Arrow finds the gang who robbed the bank, as well as Vigilante.  He lets him know that he is not there for them, when Green Arrow arrives.  As they speak, Vigilante tells them that if they are not with him, then they are against him.  Green Arrow says they are against him as he disappears.  Oliver begins to doubt himself as Green Arrow as well as feeling that nothing has changed in four years.

Oliver speaks to DA Chase about getting a warrant to go to the motel the gang leader is staying in.  He tells the DA to hurry as Vigilante doesn’t wait on warrants.  As he walks away, DA Chase claims that Vigilante doesn’t wait.  Green Arrow arrives at the motel the gang leader is staying in.  When he is questioning him, they are attacked by Vigilante.  Three individuals were killed and five were injured in Vigilante’s attack. 

The team decides to draw Vigilante out by staging a bank robbery. Vigilante sneaks up on Artemis and Mr. Terrific capturing him and demanding to speak with Green Arrow.  Vigilante tells Green Arrow that he wants to operate without interference and tells the rest of the team to leave.   Vigilante tells Green Arrow that he doesn’t understand what he is doing because he hasn’t lost anyone to this city and that maybe he needs a push.  This leads to a fight in which Green Arrow restrains Vigilante. As he goes to unmask him, an explosion detonates and Vigilante disappears.

At the end was a huge cliffhanger!  Viewers see Artemis on a building with Prometheus standing behind her!  She turns to reveal that no one followed her, nor does the team suspect anything!

Predictions – Vigilante’s introduction was great!  I hope to see much more of him in the series.  Would he work as a reoccurring member of the team?  I’d like to see him returning often to the series, but I think he works better alone.  Look to see him help the team bring down Prometheus.

I was honestly surprised about Artemis’ turn!  I knew she had a disconnect with Oliver, but now it seems as if she has been the one giving inside information to Prometheus!  Is this due to her feeling that Green Arrow has been hypocritical?  Regardless, watch for this to be a fun turn. Any information the team now finds will get leaked to Prometheus.  Watch for this to have drastic effects on the team.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Mayor Queen – Susan comes to visit Oliver and she says that she was having a twitter war with an investigator from Russia.  Oliver questions his role as mayor and if he is having a positive impact.  Susan tells him that she will buy him a drink later that night.  Oliver meets with Susan and asks for her input on how he is running the city.  He feels that he isn’t making an impact, but that “someone he knows” has taken a darker route and seemed to accomplish more.

Lance finds Thea to tell her that he is not well and hands her his letter of resignation.  He then informs her of waking up to blood on his hands and one of the throwing stars that Prometheus wields.   Thea then takes Lance to a detox facility.

As Thea tells Oliver about Lance, they come to assume that Prometheus knows that Oliver is Green Arrow.

Predictions – Susan may seem like she is sweet, but I don’t trust her.  Her meeting with the individual who gave her photos of Oliver in Russia and now her “Twitter War” with a Russian investigator has more depth to it than it may seem.  Watch for her to turn on Oliver after she ropes him in emotionally.  May she have some connection to Prometheus so that they can crush Green Arrow and Mayor Queen?

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Flashbacks – Oliver awakens at a dinner table with Kovar.  He has taken an interest in Oliver since he has been torturing him for a week and he has not revealed any information to Kovar.  Viewers then find out that one of the women working for Kovar, who he seems to take interest in, is Taiana’s mother!  Oliver tells Kovar that Taiana said he was a monster.  Kovar talks to him about good vs. evil being perspective and reminded Oliver of the man he killed in prison at Bratva’s direction.  Oliver then stabs Kovar in the hand and holds another knife to his neck demanding that he be released!  Kovar’s men come in to overpower Oliver and he once again talks about perspective.  He goes on to tell him that the Bratva would never let an American join their brotherhood, and that they are using him for their own needs. We then get to see some reminders of Rocky 4 when Kovar dominates Oliver in a fight.  He then reminds Oliver that truth is a matter of perspective.

Predictions – I still enjoy the flashbacks this season.  I hope they pick up more in the coming episodes, but the revelation that Taiana’s mother was close with Kovar was a good twist.  What did Kovar do to make Taiana hate him so much?  Also, is the Bratva as brotherly as first indicated?  Watch for Oliver to begin working for Kovar in order to infiltrate Bratva, but also to gain his trust, in order to bring him down as Taiana requested.

Arrow: Season 5 continues its strong run of episodes!  Did you enjoy Vigilante?  What do you think of Artemis being a mole for Prometheus?  Will Oliver get revenge for Taiana?  Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!






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