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Image via HBO

Image via HBO

If you like movies like The Shining, Inception, Memento, or Donnie Darko, then Westworld is for you. It’s not necessarily the content that’s similar, but the fact that when you are done watching it you have no idea what is going on.  This is a show that, after you’ve seen it, you’re still not done with it.  One could spend hours online just researching fan theories, which is something I have done myself.

If you’re like me, then you’re eagerly awaiting a mindblowing season finale, and according to J.J. Abrams, it won’t disappoint. Speaking on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Abrams stated praised the folks in charge of the production, specifically Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. In praising their involvement in both the pilot and the finale, he indicated just how “insane” the season’s ending would be:

“In the case of Westworld it is 100% Jona [Jonathan] Nolan & Lisa Joy who run that show and kill it, (they) are doing an amazing job…Jona wrote and Lisa wrote the first and the last one that Jona directed as well as the pilot, I just cant wait for you to see how insane it is”

If you’re caught up with the show, you’ve likely have your own ideas of what the finale could reveal. As mentioned above, I’ve looked into the many different theories myself.

The time travel theory:  This suggests that mild mannered William and the Man in Black are the same person.  The Man in Black said he was, “Born in this park,” and after the last episode William’s new persona was born.  I think there are 2 key elements here that will decide this.  I have felt there was SOMETHING going on with the fact that after William was shot around the beginning of the season that he felt pain.  If you watch the show then you assume that bullets cant hurt the Newcomers (humans) but they kill the Hosts (robots) for a night.  With all the bullets flying we have not once seen another Newcomer have any pain from a bullet in the way that he did.  I think this is huge, and the fact that the Man in Black was shown having bullets bounce off him is key.
Is it really Time Travel?  Maybe not.  The second key element comes down, not to Dolores, but to Maeve (Thandie Newton).  We learned that the Man in Black killed her old life and because of her programming flaws she couldn’t get over it, so they had to place her in a new “story” as the madame of an.. ahem.. gentleman’s club.  So this is convoluted, but it is possible we are simply watching 2 different time periods.  It is feasible that the William story line and the Man in Black story line are actually 30 years apart and we are seeing both.  The creators of this could have woven it so well that we simply can’t yet tell.  I would need to watch 9 hours of it again, but has Maeve ever met William while she was the madame?  Who are the tribal members that worship the maze?  Whats the deal with William’s companion making references to him, “now being part of the family?”  There are so many levels to this show and that is what makes it GREAT!

All along I have suspected that Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is a robot.  But perhaps I am taking a too simplistic view of this.  This show makes timelines very difficult as robots live forever.  You may see a picture of Ford, Arnold, and The Man in Black together, but did that happen yesterday or 30 years ago?  Also, there is some significance to the secret robot family that ford keeps.

Are you scratching your head wondering what the heck I am talking about?  Yup, go watch the show and see if you can make better sense of it and then let us hear your thoughts!  

The finale for Westworld airs Sunday night at 9/8c.

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SOURCE: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (via Comicbook.com)