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The inaugural season of SUPERGIRL definitely defied a lot of expectations. Considering the show’s bubblegum tone, as well as its reliance on Superman, and female lead (which apparently is still considered something of a gamble), it wasn’t necessarily a sure thing for CBS. The series pulled away from the first season with a relatively positive reaction, as well as solid ratings.

For the entirety of the season, SUPERGIRL managed to perform well above 6 million viewers an episode, and for a good portion, it broke 7 and even 8 million an episode. You compare that to THE FLASH, its sister series on the CW, which got closer to 4 million viewers an episode this season, and you’d think SUPERGIRL would be a shoo-in for a second season. The only problem with that is this is CBS, one of the most profitable networks on television, responsible for huge series like THE BIG BANG THEORY and TWO AND A HALF MEN. These are shows with relatively low overhead costs and wide profit margins. In that sort of climate, a comparatively expensive and less-watched show isn’t necessarily going to get renewed.

So does that mean the show is done for? That’s the big question, but in a new report from Deadline, it sounds like talks to send the series to the CW have resurfaced. Here’s what the outlet had to say:

“Such a move [from CBS to the CW] had been rumored for awhile but I hear talks are now real, going concurrently with CBS’ renewal process, which is nearing the finish line. I hear CBS has until end of day today, Wednesday, to make a decision on Supergirl, but that could conceivable get extended. It is unclear whether an agreement would be reached because it is a tall order for a show of that scale to be produced for the CW. Producing studio Warner Bros. TV already is making a pre-emptive effort to trim costs, prepping a move of production from Los Angeles to Vancouver in Season 2. That would bring the show, from producer Greg Berlani, together with his CW superhero drama series, which all are based in Vancouver.”

For those who watch the show, and for those who have been following SUPERGIRL from the beginning likely won’t find this new rumor surprising. Considering it’s a Greg Berlanti series, and that all his other superhero TV shows are on the CW, it certainly seems like a good fit. What’s more is that THE FLASH and SUPERGIRL have already had a crossover, so in a way, bringing SUPERGIRL to the CW would almost be like bringing her home.

If the report from Deadline is true, we could have an answer are early as tonight. We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the show.

What are your thoughts on SUPERGIRL potentially making the jump to the CW? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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