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Comic Book Review: ‘ACTION COMICS #50



Aaron Kuder, Greg Pak


Aaron Kuder


Aaron Kuder, Martin Ansen


DC Comics




Mar 9th, 2016


Clark battles his way through Vandal Savage’s hordes to reclaim what is rightfully his—the Fortress of Solitude and his birthright! This epic anniversary issue leads to the finale of “Savage Dawn” in this month’s SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #27 and SUPERMAN #50!


We are finally getting closer to the end of the “Savage Dawn” storyline in the Superman comics. From day one it has allbeen part of Vandal Savage’s plan to strip Superman of his powers, and use it as a way to reconnect with the comet that gave him powers so many centuries ago. Aaron Kuder and Greg Pak do an excellent job here giving us a quick backstory on what the heck has been going on in the Superman world lately, on the off chance maybe you haven’t been keeping up with the tirade of issues and tie-ins to the event. It isn’t super in-depth but enough to catch you up to speed and allow you to enjoy the non-stop “I’m Superman and I get Sh*t done!” action that fills the panels. As the cover suggest after a while now of having a depowered Superman, running around in a T-shirt and Jeans and dealing with all sorts of emotional issues we will FINALLY be getting back to Big Blue everyone knows and loves. Kal is pushed to his limits here, resorting to extreme measures to finally put an end to Vandal Savage’s insane plans, even willing to make a huge sacrifice the way Superman should! Then just when it all seems like it’s going to fail, we a final shot that brings hope back! Really interested to see how this all ties up before DC launches “Rebirth”.

The Hey!: A nice intro that allows a brand new reader to be pretty caught up without a ton of exposition, although I’d suggest picking up all the books that tie into the “Savage Dawn” event.

The Eh!: Just long winded intercross over titles in general. It’s been a great story, but a part of me wishes it would have just been contained within Action Comics.

The What?!!: That last shot after Superman falls into the fortress of solitude. I don’t really get everything that happens, but damn is it a beautiful panel!

Who should read this series?: Superman fans of course! Also pretty much anyone who wants their finger on the pulse of the DC comic book world. Superman has been and always will be a vital component to any major events taking place.

Why should you buy this book?: It’s a great jumping on point for anyone who wants to start getting into Superman without needing to read a ton of back stories, the story telling is crisp and the art is fantastic.

Score: A-

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