– by Drew Carlton

Just when I thought Wonder Woman may be the only good DC Extended Universe movie coming out soon, one of the panelists, Sasha Perl-Raver, on a recent episode of Schmoes Know is alluding to Wonder Woman being as convoluted as Batman v Superman. Take this with a grain of salt, as Schmoes Know is not usually associated with scoops, and in theory, this is one person’s opinion. Check this quote out from their inside source as featured in episode #265 at the 1:41:30 video mark below.

“So, I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. We have somebody within our community who has gotten insider information that broke my effing heart this week, because I have tremendous belief that Wonder Woman is gonna be awesome and I heard it stinks from the same person who told me that they heard that BvS stinks…The person who I spoke to…their response was ‘I’m very disappointed in what I saw, and it seems like all the problems are the same problems. It’s discombobulated, it doesn’t have narrative flow. It’s just very disjointed.”

Is this legit? I am not so sure. For starters, the Perl-Raver quotes “someone within our community,” which is about as vague as vague gets. Additionally, even the other panelists agreed that even if this source is speaking truthfully, it’s still just one person’s opinion — and that this person’s opinion is being filtered through yet another person. Even on Twitter, Perl-Raver is saying she hopes this is all hearsay.

So why bring up this rumor in a report? Well, mostly due to the backlash it’s getting around the ‘net, with some outlets reporting that a DC insider is slamming the film. Unfortunately, the report itself appears one too many steps removed from itself to be substantiated. The story seems to be snowballing, so that the very least, we felt it was worth addressing, especially considering the seemingly fragile state of the DCEU right now. Yes, it’s possible that Perl-Raver’s sources are on the level, but the evidence is too shaky to give up hope just yet.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and is set to drop on June 2nd of this year.

Will Wonder Woman be another flop, or can it rise above the other films? Let’s hear from you!

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Source: Schmoes Knows (via comicbookmovie.com), Sasha Perl-Raver