– by Tim Jousma


Monday Night Raw is complete for another week. We had some interesting developments on the show, what with the Raw Women’s Championship Match, the sit down interview with Samoa Joe, and the Festival of Friendship. So how did the show go?

The segment also showcased Chris Jericho at his best. For a 47 year old, he’s putting on some of the best work in his career. He knows his place as a part time performer. He knows that he can best be used as an elevator of new talent and his work with Kevin Owens has done just that. Now that their friendship is over, I fully expect their eventual matchup at Wrestlemania to be a classic with Kevin Owens going over. Jericho doesn’t have the ego that some veterans have. He knows the clock is ticking on his career. He feels his work now will be in elevating talent to that next level and in his work with Kevin Owens, he’s doing just that. Well done.

Overall, this episode of Raw was pretty good. Again, the three hours of the show can drag at times but I feel they’re getting into a groove now that they’ve been lacking since the brand split. Not every show is going to be a classic but you can still work at entertaining the crowd. They’ve done that again here which makes this show a must see on the WWE Network.