– by Tim Jousma


Monday Night Raw is in the books for another week. Raw is building towards Fastlane, the last stop in the road before Wrestlemania. How did the show fare?

Bayley had an in ring segment with Stephanie McMahon. Steph rightly accused Bayley of relying upon Sasha Banks for winning the Raw Women’s Championship and asked her to relinquish the title. Bayley declined.

What a stupid mistake. Why take a character that is supposed to be good, a hugger, someone who plays by the rules and have her gleefully keep the championship in less than an honorable way? You can throw the shades of gray argument at me till you turn blue in the face. You can’t have a good guy character be happy with attaining a championship in less than an honorable way unless there is a specific reason for it to happen. I think back to the main event of Wrestlemania 4 where Hulk Hogan hit Ted DiBiase with a chair allowing Randy Savage to hit the flying elbow to win the WWE Championship. Hogan broke a rule doing it. He did something bad guys had done for years. But that chair shot helped start the eventual feud between Hogan and Savage which culminated the next year at Wrestlemania 5. I may end up changing my tune about Bayley choosing to keep the championship. If they have a logical story line reason for it, I’ll accept it. But as of now, it was stupid letting her keep the championship under such circumstances.

Overall, there was a lot to like about this show but the WWE keeps making little mistakes that hurt the credibility of their superstars. Based on interviews I’ve heard from former WWE Creative Writers, it appears that certain people, i.e. Vince McMahon, could really care less about long term continuity of their shows. I find that highly disappointing. The best moments in WWE history have occurred when they did care about continuity. Take the Hogan vs Savage example from earlier. Take the angle that got Vince McMahon a son in law, his feud with Triple H. When the WWE focuses on continuity, good things happen. Fans become more invested in the stories. For now, the show is kind of dragging at a time when things should be building to a peak.