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Xbox One will be giving way to Microsoft’s new console soon. With the new system just over the horizon a top 5 list for games on Xbox One was in order. It would be easy to look at review sites to find the worst reviewed games. A quick search would turn up varying lists of worst games.  So, allow me to approach this a little different and make a top 5 list of Xbox One games which disappointed. Being disappointed in a game, or anything, is subjective. It is not based on good or bad reviews although some may have had either type of reviews. Let’s set some ground rules here too. These games are not wholly exclusive to Xbox One except one. The Xbox One happens to be my console of choice for playing most games.

Number 5: Gears of War 5

It plays like a Gears game. This one has the same polish as others. Multiplayer is a go. Worst story in the series. There were moments where it felt like I was playing someone’s Gears of War checklist rather than a thought-out proper sequel. A friend and I started the story mode two or three times. Personally, I tried the story once only to stop somewhere around the middle. Throughout there were some familiar characters but on the whole, it felt like there was no heart and soul in the game. 

Number 4: No Man’s Sky

When this game came out there was a lot of controversy. It didn’t deliver on what some originally thought the game was going to offer. PS4 first received the title and Xbox One got it about two years later. Now there are others who tell me this game is worth a try since the developer, Hello Games, has made some improvements. When No Man’s Sky was added to Xbox Game Pass it gave me an opportunity to try it out. All I wanted to do was relax playing a game, but it doesn’t allow for relaxing. Nope, collect this item because reason whatever. Want to continue trying to figure out next step? Not going to happen because collect this item because you are dying. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but knew after playing for hours the game wasn’t for me. This may sound like the pettiest of reasons to be disappointed, but it feels like the whole game is a standalone version of all the collection quests from the Mass Effect games.

Number 3: Mass Effect Andromeda

Speaking of Mass Effect, let’s not! This is the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull of Mass Effect video games. Can I end my thoughts with that statement?

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Number 2: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy games have always been a day one purchase for me. When it first released on the NES something captured me leading to a lifelong need to play them all. Going into this game I knew it would be different because of all the info floating around at the time. This actually made me want to play it even more. Square Enix tried something different which was to make a westernized version of the game. Experimenting is not bad but Square Enix changed too many things at once. For an RPG, especially in Final Fantasy, you want a fun adventure with a great story. If you know the history of the game, then you may understand why it feels a bit disjointed at times. Usually, it is fairly easy for me to latch onto one of the characters. By the end I could care less about all four characters. Once a little time had passed the game ranked possibly as one of my least favorite Final Fantasy games. It may even be my least favorite triple-A title on Xbox One.

Number 1: Borderlands 3 

This ties with Final Fantasy XV for biggest disappointment. Here again, we have a game which is usually a day one purchase. I cannot help but think some of the behind-the-scenes turmoil at Gearbox bled over into the game. Over the top characters, like Tiny Tina, make this game. It was jarring when she made a brief cameo type appearance. She was not the only one this happened with either. Claptrap makes me laugh but he was annoying this time around. Some of the new characters introduced took me out of the game or at least their voices did. Ice-T along with Penn, from Penn and Teller, are so distinct in their voices it snaps me back into reality rather than keeping me locked into my looting ways. During both of my playthroughs the game seriously drags in spots around the midway point. The story wasn’t as engaging and felt like a lot of filler at times.  

You may have different thoughts on what disappointed you on Xbox One. There will be disagreement on my Top 5 because you experienced these games different from me. Like I said, disappointment isn’t about a score or technical accomplishments.

What games disappointed you on Xbox One?  What game do you disagree with on this list?

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